Mar. 20, 2012

Pictures from our day...

Abby ironing her doll clothes...and she made an outfit for her Susie doll and she wanted to add an iron-on patch to it....the spoon is because she was licking off the 'Scottish Tablet' that we had made together:

My Truthteller charm necklace.  Love it:

Susannah trying out the shower in one of the showhomes:

A wall in one of the showhomes:

Me trying out a bathtub - obviously one of the priorities in buying a house lol:

Ww stopped in at Petsmart today to see all the animals and fish:

This cutie came to say hi:

we admired the birdies:

And the cats:

Thought this was funny:

The kids were shocked at how small sharks can be:

We made Scotish Tablet today.  Yum:

And enjoyed yet another gorgeous sunset:

This picture of me dipping my finger in the condensed milk tin and licking it off, got a lot of funny responses wherever I posted it....I really didn't notice anything 'naughty' about it until people pointed it out....hahahaha:

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