Dec. 23, 2012

A day at the mall...

Susannah and I set off mid morning for West Edmonton Mall.  I love being in the malls right before Christmas - when I have nothing I HAVE to get or HAVE to do :)  We can just stroll around, soak in the atmosphere, enjoy the lights, decorations and music...have coffee...

I was really surprised at how empty the roads were - and the mall was very quiet until about 4pm - but by that time we were leaving anyway.

We went to the World Vision 'One Life' exhibition - you are given and MP3 player and headphones, and walk round an African village, learning about one child from Africa - ours was named Beatrice and she was seven.  Her Parents had died and her older sister was having a baby but then died in childbirth - Beatrice ended up raising her Niece - even though she was only seven herself :(  Then Beatrice had to go to the clinic to be tested for HIV - and thankfully we found out that she was negative.

Now we are watching 'The Holiday' and late tonight we are going to get our fresh groceries.

It's been a lovely festive day :)  

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