Dec. 22, 2012

On Tuesday I was sat in the armchair with Sam, snuggled up by the Christmas tree - when there was a knock at the door.  It was a man I didn't recognise - and he had a laundry basket filled with 'stuff'.  I assumed he was selling dishcloths or something hahaha!

He told me that an 'Elf' had left the basket on the wrong doorstep and that it was for me - he handed it to me and it was filled with gifts.  I pushed it back towards him in shock - thinking it couldn't be for me!  But he pushed it towards me again.  I kept saying 'for me'???  'Are you sure'???  'for me'???  haha

He insisted it was for me and from an 'Elf'.

I carried it inside and Sam and Abby started to go through it with me - we were all so puzzled.  The more we looked at, the more we knew it WAS for us - as it was filled with so many of the things we love!  

There was no card or message or anything.

I started crying and was just so overwhelmed...the more we saw the more clues we had as to whom had sent it!  But how?  I didn't even know who the man at the door was!  But a few of the gifts just screamed out that it was a gift from my AMAZING friends.  

It has been such a difficult year for us in so many ways - and I am not with my three of my children for Christmas which is very hard :(  This amazingly thoughtful gift made me feel loved and cared for and accepted for me....and thought of...and just so so VERY grateful for the people in my life.  

Yes 2012 was tough in many ways but I won't look back on it with sadness - the bad times brought so many lessons - but more importantly this year brought me close to the most amazing and wonderful group of friends that I could ever wish for.  

I will never forget this Christmas - not because of bad/ sad moments - but because I will look back on it with love and gratitude - always xxx

This pretty laptop skin was just one of the many things in the basket!! :)


I'm growing my hair long but I'm at that stage where I am just SICK of it and want to have it all chopped off!!  I can't get an appt with Amber until January and I really want it done before I head out to celebrate New Year.  Not sure where to go or what to do - Amber would be able to sort it out without chopping it all off but other stylists don't know me.

Mandala art :)

I follow a lady from Edmonton on Instagram and she creates the most stunning art journal pages filled with beautiful mandalas - so tonight while we watched Bad Santa, I sat and doodled :)  

I much prefer these circular mandalas with wavy soft lines as opposed to ones based on stars and straight lines.

This is how it looks so far....I think I will add more to it though :)  

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