Aug. 19, 2012


Fun at the Fringe!!!

We spent several hours at the Fringe today - such a great festival!  
We had soooo much fun - saw some amazing acts, laughed a LOT!  Sam and Abby even performed in two shows - and one of the acts gave them $5. each for taking part!!!  :)

The kids loved it, and we only left because we had to head back to town to pick Laurence up from work.  We headed home where I barbecued again for supper - then I soaked in the tub before reading with Sam and then catching up online :)

Fuss Cupcakes

After the mall, we headed over to a very busy and Summery Whyte Ave.  The Fringe Festival is on at the moment and had attracted a huge crowd because of the great weather!  We were lucky and found a perfect parking spot though :) 

First stop was Fuss Cupcakes.  Their coffee is the best ever - soooo yummy!  We each chose our cakes - I had the cupcake of the month, which was a 'Strawberry Lemonade'  Lemon cake with strawberry frosting and lemony sprinkles :)  It was divine as always!!

Abigail chose a 'Scarlet O'Hara' which is a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting:

Sam had a chocolate bliss and demanded a picture with it.  Susannah had her usual chocolate one.  I think there is something really special about going to a cupcake shop to eat cupcakes - it just always feels like a real treat/ occasion :)  

Saturday in the sunshine :)

Another amazing Summer day here in Edmonton.  32c but with a lovely breeze to take the edge off of the heat :)  Susannah had her last shift at the library today!  She was given a GC for the movie theatre as well as an amazing reference from them :)  So proud!

While Susie was at work, I took Abigail and Samuel to the playground and park.  Sam took his scooter and had fun riding around on it :)  They both found friends to play with too :)  

I sat by the lake again on my usual bench - enjoying the dappled shade from the trees, and sights and sounds of the water :)

It really was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon :)

After Susannah finished work, we ran to the mall to buy a back pack for school for Susannah.  She found one in the first store we went to, so that was nice and easy :) 

We ran in to our friends J, S and nice to see them!  J and S are off to Florida this week for the Star Wars excited for them!!!  can't wait to hear and see pictures of their Mother-Daughter trip :)  

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