Apr. 7, 2012

Cupcake Heaven at our place :)

I found an easy peasy recipe for a light vanilla frosting for cupcakes, on Pinterest, and I thought Easter would be the PERFECT time to try it :)  So this evening Laurence whipped me up a batch of cupcakes  (his specialty) and I decorated them in a fun Easter design for the kids - with pink bunnies and sprinkles and whatever :)  They were a big hit of course :)  

Easter Saturday...

Well, my day started amazingly well, as I hunted through my closet for a small bag to use for the day - I found my old little black one from Vegas, and inside was $85!!!!!  :)  Woooot!!!  :)  Score!!!  So that is Easter covered :) It was just what I needed :)  

Today was a lovely day!  

Laurence decided to stay home and play his computer games online - he doesn't actually do that very often, so it was nice for him to relax and have the house to himself.

I took the younger three to the Easter Extravaganza at the Telus World of Science.  We have annual membership there as a family, so it doesn't cost us anything to get in.  Today they had all kinds of events for Easter happening - including an egg hunt - where you had to hunt for plastic eggs throughout the galleries and exchange them for chocolate eggs later on!!  In one section you had to 'earn' them by doing activities on the sports equipment :)

Susannah and Abby had to do a wheelchair sprint to win their eggs :

Sam had to climb the wall to get an egg:

The eggs were all delicious Purdy's eggs, and they were VERY generous with them :)  

Another great activity at the science centre today was designing  a 'vehicle' to transport an egg safely down two stories without having it break!  You could use a variety of things from sticks, tape, balloons, bags , straws, string etc etc.....

Then we held them over the balcony and watched them fall two stories and a guy at the bottom opened them up to check on the egg and see if it was broken or not :)

Abigails cracked, but Sams didn't, so Sam DID IT!!!!  Yay!!

After that we went in the star theatre and watched a movie on  Molecules and atoms :)  We had seen it before but it was one we all enjoy :)  

While at the science centre we also watched a show called Fire and Fury.  Abigail even went up as a volunteer to help at one point AND she got to name the gummy bear that they set fire to at the end :)  

It was a show full of bangs and explosions and big flames and was really interesting!!  
We all really enjoyed it!!

And yet another highlight of our Easter trip to the science centre, was meeting the little cornsnake:

Both girls have decided that now want snakes as pets :)  

Hmmmm I think I could handle that - I like snakes :)  

All in all, despite the science centre being busier than I have EVER seen it...I have to say that we had a fantastic day there - they really did put on a great Easter festival and exhibit and I am sooooo glad we went :)  The kids al had a great time AND learned something.  The staff were FANTASTIC!!!

And it was great fun :)  

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