Oct. 7, 2012

So proud :)

Susannah has been asked to represent Canada in a new group on Instagram.  It is a group of teen photographers from around the world, and they will each post pictures in the account 'Globals' - so it will show all their lives from their respective countries - as seen by teens :)  I think it's a fabulous idea!  They have set rules of what they can or can't post and how often they can post, but I think it will be a great challenge for her :)  

Follow them all by following 'Globals' on Instagram!!  :)  

Sunday on Whyte....

I do love Whyte Ave soooo much :)  The atmosphere, the stores, the sidewalks...the food places and coffee shops, people watching...the studenty/ artsy/ crunchy relaxed atmosphere.

It was REALLY quiet today despite the weather being nice.  I guess because it was Thanksgiving Sunday....but it was nie being the only car in the parking lot :)  

Lunch at Naanolicious on Whyte.  It was Laurences first time here.  They sell East Indian street food and it's amazing!  So cheap too!  It's like really good snack food!  Naan bread stuffed with whatever you choose and served like a panini!!  Yum!  

Laurence chose a raspberry flavoured cupcake at Fuss Cupcakes today.
We went to get some pumpkin ones for Thanksgiving, but they had sold out :(  

We spotted this new trash compactor on Whyte today - it is solar powered!!
Love it!!!  

My Sunday night :)

We seem to be a bit hooked on card games at the moment!!  
Tonight we played several rounds of the games below!  

I really like Spit - think I will have to play that with J and A at the next homeschool get together as I can see us having fun battling each other :)  

Abby and Sam are home again :)  Where they belong.  

The house is filled with noise and laughter again.  

Gifts from Grandma and Granddad....

We received a parcel this morning (Laurence collects the mail as he has the key and he collects it very infrequently lol...) and it was from my Mom and Dad in England....full of a little something for everyone - although Laurence was upset as his 'little something' had to be put away for his birthday next week lol!  

My Sunday...

It has been such a lovely Sunday.  I'm sitting here waiting for Samuel and Abby to arrive home.  Laurence came home at lunch time and spent the afternoon out with Susannah and I.  First of all we headed down to Whitemud Ravine for a walk and to feed the birds.  I hadn't fed the birds with the teens, so this was a special day :)  

Laurence got some great slow motion videos of them with his phone!!

We attracted quite a few photographers while we were there....this is just a few of them:

For Today....

Outside my window...Sunny and VERY windy.  Waiting to watch my boy drive up the driveway so we can go out!

I am thinking...of how I am looking forward to playing the new card games with the children tonight!

I am thankful...for sooooo much :)  

In the kitchen...Thanksgiving foods....yum!!

I am wearing...my new camisole nighty :)  It's a peachy/ apricot-y colour and sooooo soft and pretty :)  

I am creating...a Fall mini album full of memories :)  

I am going...to take my teens to feed the birds :)  

I am wondering...if someone will claim the kitty cat.  

I am reading...magazines that Sharon gave me :)  

I am hoping...it doesn't snow until mid November!

I am looking forward to...showing Kevin our little part of Canada!

I am learning....how right it feels to be around friends you can be yourself with :)  

Around the house...a new cat...unless someone claims her...

I am pondering...what to do for Laurences birthday but I'm happy with the things we have for him so far!!

A favorite quote for today...Life is good and I have much to be thankful for :)  

One of my favorite things...collecting a few Fall leaves from each place we go to - and coating them in modpodge so they keep forever.  I have done this for the past few years and have quite a collection.  I am sticking this years into my Fall mini album

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Celebrating Thanksgiving with four of my children. A field trip to the Italian Centre, perhaps breakfast with friends....orienteering class and a walk with friends at the Wilderness Centre.  A 'home alone' class for Abby and a 'fire safety' class for Sam.  Heading to the airport to get Kevin!  Making scarecrows at 'Young Achievers club' and then an extra special weekend :)  

Tag Time - from To Live Inspired.

-My Body Feels :  like it needs activity - so we are heading out for a walk :)  
-My Environment makes me feel:  overwhelmed.  I can't WAIT until November!!
-My Schedule:  Is always fun and filled with friends and family and love :)  Life is often crazy but a GOOD crazy!!
-At the end of the day I feel:  Happy to get in to bed knowing we have crammed a lot in and created good memories.
-I would like to feel:  this way forever!!

Words of wisdom....

Cleaning out my phone photo folder....

I tidied up my photo folder on my phone last night, and so these are just some pictures that I saved onto my computer:

Sam and Abby in the Fall leaves at Strathcona Wilderness Centre:

Abigail at Katies Crossing on Friday:

Abby with the cemetery kitty cat.  Abby loves animals sooooo much:

Up close and personal with a parked train near Katies Crossing:

We met some homeschooling friends at Katies Crossing on Friday - so much fun - and we all went up t the bridge to 'feel' the train go by and to squash pennies:

Abby at Katies Crossing:

Sam and his friend C at Katies Crossing:

Two Fall pictures of Susannah:

Friends at Katies Crossing - and Sam is sitting the way he is because he split his pants from jumping and had a BIG hole hahahaha:

Abby at Katies Crossing:

At Edmonton Aviation Museum in August:

Abby in her lovely new hat and with her new earrings - cuddling the cemetery cat:

Experiencing a train go by UP CLOSE!!  The ground shook :)

Love these funny pics of my boy:

Fabulous friends at Elk Island Park:

Homeschool afternoon and scavenger hunt at Elk Island Park.  So much fun:

An afternoon on Whyte...

Susannah asked if we could go to Whyte Ave this weekend and to Fuss Cupcakes, so we decided to go yesterday and enjoy the farmers market too:

You really can't tell QUITE how huge this pumpkin is from this picture, but it was ENORMOUS!!!

At Fuss Cupcakes I had one of their monthly specials - a pumpkin spice.  It was INCREDIBLE!!

Susannah had a 'Soul Mate' and I had one of their fabulous latte's too:

Fuss Cupcakes window for October:

We tried new things at Going Nuts this time - Susannah had some chili flavoured pumpkin seeds, and I had these lemon and ginger almonds...both are really good!!

After Whyte Ave we drove out and picked up Susies friend and then the three of us headed to the movies to watch 'Pitch Perfect' :)  We stopped off at Timmys on the way home from the movies as I wanted some steeped tea...then home and bed :)  

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