Dec. 13, 2012

First Annual Unchristmas party :)

This afternoon was the 'UnChristmas' party' that my friend J had organized - it started with sledding at Broadmoor Lake - everyone had to wear tacky/ tasteless clothing - and T brought a big bag of clown wigs and everyone wore one during the sledding!!!  
Sadly I wasn't back from downtown for the sledding, but we made it to the actual 'party' part at J's house.  We had planned a 'tacky gift exchange' and that was soooo much fun - the adults went first and we were each given a number - you got to pick one of the gifts from the centre of the room OR you could 'steal' someone elses gift!!  

I will photograph the advent centrepiece that I won tomorrow :)  

The kids then did their exchange - and they had a lot of fun 'stealing' gifts from each other - very cute!!  

Before we left, us Moms had some group pics taken in our amazing wigs :)  

Stupid legal system

Today I spent the morning downtown at the court house, police station and with social workers.  I am yet again disgusted at how the law seems to support men/ Fathers rights and NOT the rights of the children.  It is like the government is so scared of offending the men in this province that they don't seem to care what happens to the children involved.  It's awful.  And everything/ every process is sooooo slow - even in cases where it is an emergency - don't these people realize how LONG a week is to a parent/ Mother worrying about her child???  

On the bright side, I got to spend the morning with this Cutie and his Mom.  So grateful to his Mommy for her help today xxx:

12:12pm on the 12th of the 12th of the 12th :)

Had to capture this moment:

It snowed beautiful big fluffy flakes almost all day - just gentle snowfall and soooo pretty.  These flakes were by my truck window so I snapped some pictures.  Snoe flakes are so tiny and perfect and so very beautiful:

The sun starting to set when I picked Susannah up from her bus stop yesterday:

Abigail is starting a new blog - so write down and photograph all her recipes and cooking practice.  She took some recipe books out of the library and wants to do a kids version of Julie and Julia.  Yesterday she made a recipe from one of the books, called Norwegian pancakes.  They were INCREDIBLE!!!  I can't put into words how good these were!!!!  WOW!!!!!  She is an amazing little chef!

I noticed Sam had sorted his cars out beside the bed - couldnt resist taking a picture of his little parking lot - all sorted into lines and colours:

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