Dec. 26, 2012

Love :)

Susannah wants to keep a memory jar next year - it is a jar that you fill with bits of paper on which you write happy moments as they happen throughout the year - and then on New Years Eve you open the jar and read all your memories and happy times from the last year :)  

I decorated a jar for Susie to use:

Last night (Christmas Night) Susie posted this on Facebook.  So lovely!!

Small but Mighty....

Boxing Day 2012

It snowed gently all day today - big fluffy delicate snow flakes.  These were on my car:

I spent the morning trying out my Sculpey clay - and I made some pendants:

Direction is my 'word' for 2013:

I used one of my moulds and created this little guy:

This evening Laurence worked and then had a friend over.  Susannah and I watched Grease.  It was a lovely relaxing day:

And today was my Mom and Dads 53rd Wedding Anniversary!!

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