Jan. 9, 2013

Other snapshots from our Wednesday

Getting groceries in Sobeys tonight:

I tried a new recipe in the crockpot today and it was a HUGE hit.  Not sure what it is called but it involves chicken and stuffing :)  Kids ALL loved it and want it again :)  
Not too attractive but tasted YUMMY:

When we got back home from picking Susannah up, I took Abby and Rosie up to the skating rink for a while.  It was colder than we had expected though, so we didn't stay too long - but it was fun :)  

After dinner I soaked in the bath.  Love all my candles beside the bath.
Abby made raspberry pavlovas and brought me up one :)  

Today was my fab friend T's birthday, so we planned to surprise her with a bit of a celebration!  
We all met at the end of her driveway at 12 noon - then we all drove up the driveway together beeping our horns to the tune of Happy Birthday!!  :)  


J brought a cake, I brought sparklers and party favours...and we all brought food and gifts:

I even brought some Hawaiian bits and pieces so that our fabby friend L would be there in spirit (she is in Maui right now) 

What a fun afternoon!!  Happy Birthday T  :)  
Love you lots xxx

Recent art....


Fab book I found at the thrift store:

Mandala on my pastels:

This girl now has writing in her hair:

Prepping a project for an upcoming workshop on self esteem:

Tuesday snapshots...

Yesterday we headed to gymnastics for the morning:

Abby tried our her toe separators from her pedicure kit.  She was walking around like this and it made me laugh:

I dropped Abby at her friend R's house for the afternoon, and R's brother C came back to our house to play with Sam for the afternoon:

In the mornings I take Susannah to her bus stop for 7:30am then I come home, make coffee and relax in my armchair and catch up on Facebook.  

Sam and K making faces at each other:

Girls having fun in the foam pit:

candles by my bathtub last night:

Playing with new apps:

Bath time bliss :  

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