May 4, 2012

Images I've loved today...

This picture is blissful.  Just perfect!

I think I want to make some bunting for the porch for Summer!


Today was another mix of sunshine and showers - which ended with a HUGE downpour early evening.  This weather does make for some good pictures though, with the very dark storm clouds looming.  

This morning was spent helping Susannah to finish her art homework, art journaling, doing math with Abby and Sam, writing and spelling with Sam...and then mid afternoon we had to run into town for some errands.   

We have also noticed that a few of our painted rocks have been picked up now - I wonder who found them and took them home?  :)  The children get very excited to go back and see if they are still there or if someone has found them :)  

We left one under this tree and yes it was gone.  But in return we saw leaves opening from the buds - this is the first tree with leaves that I have seen so far this Spring so I couldn't resist snapping a picture of the baby leaves :)

Rainbow at the back of our house:

We were driving towards - and through - a complete rainbow on the way home!!

Dark skies:

29 faces in May - day 4

This is my face for today.  I did the background first in pastels and KNEW that I wanted to do a page to do with the ocean, then I decided on a Mermaid....and I added fish scales to her tail with my Sakura silver star pen.  I then looked for a quote online to do with the sea.

Friday Fill ins... we go!

1. After a while, It all seems pointless.
2. The rain has stopped at least.
3. Well, anyway, I am glad it's Friday.
4. My friends send the BEST pictures and quotes to me.
5. I always remain positive and focused on family.
6. My kids and our crazy happy life keeps me going.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to no clue - but I think we will go somewhere, tomorrow my plans include going to Whyte Ave to get roller derby tickets go to the market which the kids LOVE, then in the evening we are going to Roller Derby....then we are going to a party at my friends place after the roller derby and Sunday, I want to relax and recover from Sunday - pick Laurence up, drop Susies friend home and maybe do some more yard work!

scenes from our Thursday....

These pictures of Laurence are the first ones where I can see that he looks like ME!!
He has my mouth and chin - and if you cover up from the nose up it looks like me:

It rained heavily all evening/ night but it was lovely.  Love listening to the rain.
The frogs seemed to love it too as they were even louder :)

Susie snapped these of me in the kitchen late last night:

Art journaling pages....

This is the journal I am working in right now - saw it at Dollarama and loved it-
snapped it up as it was the only one there - and I am LOVING creating in it!  I think it's my favourite so far- the paper is lovely to draw on and it seems to work really well.  Shame it is lined, but the lines never bother me really.  

This one is based on a quote my friend Trish sent me.  

With this one I used modeling paste for the first time - it was fun creating with it and I love the texture of the heart.  I let it dry over night and then added red glitter gel.  I can't wait to use this product in next weeks art journaling class!!

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