Oct. 24, 2012

Second riding lesson :)

This morning Abigail had her second riding lesson.  It was sooooo cold!  It feels really good to be at the stables though and around the horses - and we are getting to know where everything goes and what we have to do!!  First job was getting the brushes and giving the horse a good brush!  Then Abigail got to clean the horses feet - the girl that works there showed her again how to do them and then Abigail got to do it!!  Her horse this week was called Samaria :)  

Abigail was given a different horse this week - a younger horse as the teacher felt Abigail was a good enough rider to control it - it proved a little difficult though as although Abigail is a good rider, she still lacks the confidence to show the horse who is boss!  She needs to be a little more assertive!  In the end they took the horses saddle off and had Abby riding bareback so she could feel the horse better and gain more confidence!  Abigail preferred riding bareback :)  By the end of the session she was doing better but still needs to gain more confidence!!  

At the end of each session Abigail has to take her horse outside for food and groom her while she eats :)  The brushes have to be cleaned and out away properly, the 'bit' has to be washed and the saddle and bridal have to be put back properly in the tack room!  I love that she is learning all of this!  That it isn't JUST riding, but learning how to care for a horse too!

Farewell to the German Exchange students!!

Last night the school held a pot luck supper and social to say goodbye to the German Exchange students.  Each Canadian student presented their partner with a scarf in the Sal colours and with the date of the exchange :)  

There were activities for the Canadian students to take part in - making friendship bracelets, signing pumpkins and taking part in a language skills test in front of a 'jury'.  They also had a 'photobooth' with funny props to take souvenir pictures :)  

Susannah and I sat with the German teachers husband and their Daughter, and we enjoyed chatting to him about his Honeymoon in Scotland and various trips through England - including losing a  student on the tubes in London lol!

After the supper, Susannah and I headed out to pick up a few last minute gifts for Kevin to take home, and Laurence took Kevin and some friends to do bowling on Gateway Blvd.  They had a great time and I think it was a good choice for Kevins last night here :)  

Today we headed in to the school in time to say goodbye before Kevin got on the bus!  Many of the students and their Canadian friends were in tears and there was a lot of hugging!  We all said goodbye and then we left Laurence and his friends to it!  

Kevin sent me a text from the airport - he is really sad to be leaving which is lovely to hear as it means he enjoyed his time here and had a good holiday!  We really did get lucky with Laurences exchange partner :)  And we enjoyed showing him our home and little part of this fabulous country :)  

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