Jul. 10, 2012


Starting to fill it up:

Taking a break from filling it to sit in it :)

Ice cubes:  

Edmonton Street Performers Festival

Scenes from our visits to the Street Performers Festival.  The second night we met up with Lorraine and Alora for one of the shows :)  

The Flying Dutchmen were FABULOUS:

Sam loved the pools:

The 'silent disco' was HILARIOUS to watch - the people were really dancing and singing away but we couldn't hear any of the music as they had headphones on - so it looks really funny:

Sam went back in the wading pool at 11pm after the final show.  It was still 30c !!

These two Irish guys/ brothers were very camp dance teachers/ baton twirlers/ dj's  etc etc
but they finished their show by one standing on the other guys HEAD:

Chair Man Jim was also fab!!  So funny at the beginning because he used a slingshot to fire mushrooms at people in Churchill Square who weren't bothering to watch his show.  Then he balanced all these chairs in his MOUTH!!!

This Queen was debating whether 1 + 1 = 2....or something or other lol!

Abby and Sam are avid jugglers so they enjoyed this show:

Sam sitting in the front row and entertaining himself until the show starts:

One happy boy in the pools:

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