Sep. 15, 2012

Afternoon at the Legislature Grounds

We picked Susannah's friend S up, and drove to the Legislature Grounds for a walk.  It was a lovely sunny and warm day.  Beautiful.  

The girls had fun playing in the fountains on the stepping stones:

Churchill Square...

Edmonton Public Library had their 'Inside Out' Festival today - which included food trucks, games, dancing, activities, music - and a big book sale where all books were one or two dollars - 
I picked up a few books for Abigail and a dvd for Sam - and Susannah grabbed a couple of books too.  We saw a flashmob take place too :)

Sad to see the fountains and wading pool all switched off and dried up - no more splashing about until next Summer :(  

We watched this guy washing windows:

This building always reminds me of Liverpool lol!

Saturday news....

Today for 29 Faces in September, we were prompted to use a material that we don't normally use - OR draw something we don't normally draw.  So I dug out my pastels and used those to draw todays face.  It was a very quick face as we were going out, but I enjoyed the effects of the pastels!
Sometimes it is good to step out of your comfort zone!!

We had a few things to do today, but we found time to stop off at Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte each - and a pumpkin spice scone too :)

My beautiful girl.  She barely wears make up and she doesn't dress overly grown up - just jeans and a long sleeved T - and she leaves her hair to dry naturally always - and yet she still looks sooooo OLD :( How did my little girl grow up so fast???

Someone was NOT happy that they spelled her name wrong hahaha:

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