Sep. 26, 2012

Hump Day Happenings....

Coffee was very much needed early this morning - thankfully both Laurence AND Susannah made me one before they left for school:

Rosie is totally my little shadow and follows me everywhere:

I was moving some things today and decorating for Fall, and I noticed this in one of the plants - it's a plastic egg filled with candy that didn't get found at Easter :)  A bit later on I found another Easter chocolate!!

Abigail was in a baking mood again today and so she set to work baking a chocolate cake.  I love that even at 10 years old she can do EVERYTHING herself - from greasing the pan to pricking the cake to check it is cooked - setting the oven and timer and taking it out and then icing it :)  

Sam and Abby hammered some pennies for me for a while and then continued to play outside - I sat on the porch for a while drinking coffee and watching them :)

I decided to head to Goodwill just to see what Fall decor they had - I didn't really get anything - a book and a pot....but it was fun.  Abigail put this on and made me jump - but it made for a good picture :)

Our bedtime stories right now are Halloween and Fall themed:

Tonight I picked T up and we headed to the farmers market to meet L and A for a while, then afterwards we headed to Second Cup for a homeschool meeting - not much planning or discussion went on though as it was only us 'regulars' there...J and S joined us, but we are all together so much that it was more like a fun girly night out than a coffee night to discuss anything - but I was sooooo tired that it was fine by me :)

The next couple of days are going to be busy...wah!!!


Outside my skies and the sun is shining yet again.  It was supposed to rain today but they changed the forecast and it is going to be another beautiful Fall day :)

I am thinking...that I can't believe how TIRED I am - like completely and utterly EXHAUSTED....but my mind wants to do so much and I know I need to find the energy to get going!

I am thankful...for having such incredible children.  They make my life amazing and I feel soooo lucky :)  They really are great company.

In the kitchen...baking, crockpot cooking, pies, and using up a lot of frozen fruit.  And today it is being decorated for Fall :)  

I am long sleeved T, jeans.

I am creating...a future that we all LOVE, a LSNED mini album for September.  29 Faces in September, and a whole HEAP of amazing memories for my children :)

I am pick Trish up this evening and head to the farmers market to meet Lorraine....then we have a meeting at 7pm with a group of other women :)  

I am I am going to find the energy for everything in October - birthday, German student visiting..tons of field trips, new group starting....and that isn't even half of it!!

I am reading...about the educational value of Minecraft :)

I am hoping...that one more coffee gives me the kick I need to get through today!

I am looking forward to...our scavenger hunt and walk, firepit and smores with the homeschoolers at Elk Island next week - and also going to see the Ballet and Ukrainian dance this Friday :)

I am learning...that I am surrounded by good people :)  

Around the house...I decluttered the art room and filled two BIG boxes with supplies for Sandy's daughter.  It feels good to have space again.  Otherwise the whole place is a mess from neglect as we are NEVER at home!!!  lol!

I am pondering...why people assume if you are single then you are WANTING to date....I am really loving being single and have no interest in a relationship.  I may well change my mind in future years, but for now I really like life the way it is - and not having to try and keep someone else happy.  I like making all the decisions and I LOVE putting myself and my children first!  Life is good - and much MUCH simpler :)  

A favorite quote for today...

“Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense”

One of my favorite things...Nescafe Hazelnut Instant Coffee :)  Yummy :)

A few plans for the rest of the week...  Farmers market with friends.  Coffee night.  Feeding the birds with the homeschool group.  Meeting at school for the German exchange trip.  Alberta Culture Days field trip to see ballet and Ukrainian dance.  Field trip to FAVA.  Behind the scenes tour of the Winspear.  Strathcona Wilderness Centre Open House.  Free admission day in Edmonton :)  

A peek into my day...Today?  coffee...followed by coffee...followed by MORE coffee - and some decluttering...and decorating for Fall :)  Sort the last load of laundry.  Pick Trish up and then head off and meet Lorraine.  More coffee - with friends at tonights meeting!

Snapshots from the last few days...

On Sunday I ended up with a migraine and was sick for a few hours.  Thankfully by mid afternoon I was feeling up to going out - we went to Katies Crossing for ice cream :)
Then we went to Broadmoor Lake for a lovely walk - hence the Fall colour pictures I posted earlier.

Satuday night Laurence had a party with his friends to celebrate living in Canada for ten years:

Abby chatting with me the other night:

Monday I had two dates in one night - one with a man and one with a woman (the fabulous Sharon).  With Sharon I had this yummy Mile-High dessert:

Yesterday morning I had an Eggo waffle (I like them plain) 
and I noticed mine had a tiny heart in it:

Yesterday morning we had homeschool gymnastics with friends:

Afterwards we made the most of the great weather and went to the park for a couple of hours.  I ran in to some old friends which was really nice :)

In the evening Susannah and I had to run to Dollarama to get supplies for her science project, and also to Stupidstore to get groceries:

We had fun looking at (playing with) all the Halloween decorations.  Some were really scary and made us jump as they were loud or moved!!  :)

Susannah made chocolate croissants yesterday after school:

Today we are having a quiet day at home and then I have a date tonight with friends
 followed by a meeting:

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