Sep. 26, 2012

Hump Day Happenings....

Coffee was very much needed early this morning - thankfully both Laurence AND Susannah made me one before they left for school:

Rosie is totally my little shadow and follows me everywhere:

I was moving some things today and decorating for Fall, and I noticed this in one of the plants - it's a plastic egg filled with candy that didn't get found at Easter :)  A bit later on I found another Easter chocolate!!

Abigail was in a baking mood again today and so she set to work baking a chocolate cake.  I love that even at 10 years old she can do EVERYTHING herself - from greasing the pan to pricking the cake to check it is cooked - setting the oven and timer and taking it out and then icing it :)  

Sam and Abby hammered some pennies for me for a while and then continued to play outside - I sat on the porch for a while drinking coffee and watching them :)

I decided to head to Goodwill just to see what Fall decor they had - I didn't really get anything - a book and a pot....but it was fun.  Abigail put this on and made me jump - but it made for a good picture :)

Our bedtime stories right now are Halloween and Fall themed:

Tonight I picked T up and we headed to the farmers market to meet L and A for a while, then afterwards we headed to Second Cup for a homeschool meeting - not much planning or discussion went on though as it was only us 'regulars' there...J and S joined us, but we are all together so much that it was more like a fun girly night out than a coffee night to discuss anything - but I was sooooo tired that it was fine by me :)

The next couple of days are going to be busy...wah!!!

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