Feb. 27, 2013

snapshots from our week...

Snowy scene while picking Susannah up from her bus:

St Patricks Day bra:

My birthday gift from Laurence:

I bought some playdoh and dug out the old playdoh tools/ toys - the kids had a blast.  We haven't had playdoh for years!

What're you lookin' at????

Sam brought his Ukelele home to show us:

Susannah had a try - she is waiting until we head to calgary to get hers:

Love this casual picture from Sunday:

A little Springtime in Winter....

Yesterday we went to have lunch at the garden centre - their cafe is by the indoor pond and is a lovely place to sit and eat or have coffee while outside is all snowy and cold!  
The food is really yummy - kids loved their Panini!!

It was a really lovely couple of hours - so glad we went!  The kids want to go back very soon!

Baby clothes....memories :)

I unpacked a few more boxes this week - and in one were the baby clothes I have kept.  
This pink outfit is what Susannah came home from hospital in.  It was my favourite outfit:

These shoes were a gift when Sam was born from my friend S.  
Perfect for my first Canadian baby:

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