Nov. 8, 2012

Our Thursday....

Roads were really bad and buses for school were cancelled.  I am having a few issues with my hands and couldn't drive, so Laurence drove us to MP to go swimming.  We met T, L and K - and their families there.  It was nice to be in the pool again :)

We also got our new MP cards which means we can go there as often as we like for a year - and take any drop-in classes, for FREE :)  Yay!  I plan to make a LOT of use from them :)  

After swimming I had a yummy bowl of apple and almond crumble oatmeal:

After a little rest at home in the afternoon, we headed to the farmers market to meet T and her girls and stroll around.  We got some cucumbers and tzatziki which we ate for supper - among other things (Abby and I had a big bowl of the potato and bacon soup from yesterday)  

We had homeschool group tonight - and it was my week to plan it as K and D are away.  I planned a couple of crafts and some group games.  

Unfortunately roads were soooo awful and traffic was going at 30 no one came and at 6:45 Trish and I were all set to pack up and go home - until one other family - with little children - arrived.  The children played together and then I organized some wheelbarrow races, a couple of games as well...then animal races...etc etc...we finished at 7:30 though so we could all head home early on the bad roads.

Then I soaked in he bath.  

All in all a good day...I have a doctors appt next week about the numbness in my hands...the last few days it went away after a while, but today it has stayed all day and I have no grip at all :(  I think it is probably a trapped nerved or damage from lifting so much this week because of the house move.

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