Jun. 8, 2012

Friday night...

Met some friends in town for supper tonight - well for ice creams really :)  Sam sat looking out of the window until they arrived:

Saw this on pinterest and thought it was funny:

Hahaha - love that song, and this made me laugh out loud :)  

Friday fill ins!!

And...here we go!

1. I knew it was love when...I created my first page with them and it finally looked like a REAL art journal page! Now I can't live without my Dylusions!! 
2. My heart can be broken but you always know I won't stay down for long :) . 
3. A dog is capable of teaching us sooo much about unconditional love. 
4. My how you have to KNOW when you are going to be ill because you have to make a Docs appt 2 weeks in advance!! 
5. Can you see the beauty in a Dandelion?
6. And the kitchen is going to be a real mess by the time the kids finish baking lol.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to bbq-ing and having a quiet evening at home, tomorrow my plans include going to the Pride Parade and Sunday, I want to see what the weather is like before we decide what to do!

My Friday...so far :)

This morning Sam and Abby planted the seeds they had chosen at the garden centre on Monday.  Abigail has planted radishes, and Sam planted sunflowers - we also planted peas - some are growing in tubs on the deck, and some are growing in the garden.  

After our gardening time, I sat with a coffee on the deck in the sunshine -
until the clouds rolled in and the rain arrived:

I saw these pics on Pinterest earlier and thought they were fab:

Now Abby and Sam are busy making chocolate snowballs for when Susannah gets home.
Apart from that, I did laundry and sorted it/ packed it away.  Did some art journaling and did some more to my art journaling class curriculum.  

Butterfly - lifecycles.

Today we released 13 butterflies into the big wide world and wished them well!!  They had all come out of their chrysalises and were ready to go.  It was soooo windy yesterday we couldn't set them free, but today we did and they ALL flew away!!  It was a huge success and not one death :)  So fabulous to let so many go and watch them flutter off :)  

Bye bye Painted Ladies :)  

The Royal Order of Homeschool Mama's

(Will add text tomorrow)

Snapshots from the last couple of days

Sam continues to colour in his 'paint by numbers' pictures.  Abigail is now working one too:

My snack addictions right now.  The nuts are from Going Nuts at Old Strathcona Farmers Market.  They do all kinds of different flavours, but raspberry are my favourite:

Rosie is a disgusting, stinky, dirty mess almost permanently right now.  If you bathe her she goes straight back in the pond and mudpile, so we have given up:

She doesn't appreciate being told she is a disgusting, dirty stinky mess:

Abigails choice of clothing tonight to wear to her Dads house was.....interesting.  Glad it was him who she was with lol!!  She saw these pictures of herself tonight and admitted the dress IS too short and she DOES look like a preschooler in it:

In Walmart they have two giant balls for $5 - so I couldn't resist buying the children two!  So cheap!!  They were THRILLED and played outside with them until 11pm :)  Love the long light evenings, and homeschooling which allows us to make the most of these warm days and nights!  

I sat outside until late tonight - had a cup of tea, chatted with the children and watched them on their scooters.  I LOVE being outside and using our deck:

Loving the bbq.  Tonight I made supper out there for Laurence and I.  It's wonderful to just make things out there and eat out there too - no mess in the kitchen to clean up :)  

I was wrong about this one - our day ended up being fabulous:

Sharon passed ona  big bag of magazines again last night.  Lovely to sit on the deck and relax with:

I've been playing around with photo editing apps:

Sam on his scooter - he has been whizzing along the porch all day:

Lilacs and Swallowtails...

My Lilacs are flowering, and they are as stunning as always!!  I wish the flowers lasted longer, but while they are here I will enjoy them!  The scent is incredible and as I sit on the deck, the breeze will blow the scent over every now and then :)

I picked a few bunches and brought them inside - they are sitting in a pretty thrifted jug on the windowsill.  They make the whole kitchen smell amazing :)  

Swallowtail butterflies seem to be EVERYWHERE at the moment, and as I was taking pictures of the Lilac tree, a few were fluttering around:

Pictures from our Wednesday...

Something I bought at Goodwill.  A white carnival glass dish - which looks like bubbles in the light because it has rainbows in it.  It is beautiful!  

Something I did NOT buy at Goodwill but thought was hilarious and was soooo tempted to buy it for Laurence:

Dinner with this crazy chick last night.  Soooo much fun.  She's the best date I've ever had :)  3 hours of laughing and chatting AND dessert :)  And boy does she ever look like her youngest in this picture!!

I had the cheesecake wrapped in a tortilla - it was fab!!

The crazy chick had Mile High Mud Pie:

On the way home the sun was setting - it was too low to get a really great sunset picture, but I headed down 225 anyway and snapped the lake at dusk:

A fabulous night - came home and wasn't tired, so had a cup of tea and sat in the front room for a while - hardly ever use that room now my art room is in the basement - so I had forgotten how comfy the chair is and how lovely the view from the window :)

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