Dec. 28, 2012

A visit to Notre Dame Cathedral :)

Today started with a beautiful wintery sunrise:

We got up fairly early and headed in to Edmonton for the first day of the Duchess Bakeshop Provisions store sale.  Hoping to get some supplies for Laurence - however the sale was pretty useless - just a small discount on Christmas treats - none on actual baking after a quick look round we headed next door to the actual bakery.  It was Susannahs first visit,  but it was also VERY busy - we had to wait for a table, but the guy who gave us his table also walked across the store and got an extra chair for us which was really nice of him :)  

I chose a Champagne and Pomegranate mousse.  It was AMAZING.  The tiny macaroon was sitting on a square of thin white chocolate:

Susannah chose a chocolate croissant and Laurence had a lemon tart.  

On the way out we stopped by the window to see the HUGE gingerbread house - a model of Notre Dame Cathedral.  It took 300 hours to make!  

The sugar glass windows were stunning:



A few of the pieces of artwork we saw last night - we were not allowed to photograph pieces in the galleries, so this is the best I can do.  One of the pieces had the word 'rectum' made out of something in the shape of poop and then covered in pink glitter....I sooooo wanted to Instagram it!!!

This middle painting was called 'Lady with Wings'  or something...Susannah was totally bemused by it lol :)  

An evening downtown.....

Last night was the Servus Credit Union community night at the AGA (Alberta Gallery of Art).
This means that for 3 hours each month there is free entrance to the art gallery and all of it's exhibits.

Susannah and I made the most of the free evening and had a stroll around.  
I wasn't too impressed with the exhibits BUT it was something to do - and people watching in an art gallery is always interesting - there were some really pompous pricks there :) So funny listening to people discuss some of the pieces of art :)  

We sat and had coffee for a while too:

I do like this art piece and was happy that when I went to take the picture there was no one around :)  

After the art gallery we took a drive around the Legislature grounds and a stroll slowly back to the car downtown to snap some pictures:

Seeing the ice rink outside city hall reminded me of days not too long ago when Sam and Abby were splashing in the fountains here.  I love how Edmonton makes the most of every season:

The pyramids of the Muttart are all lit up again and they change colour:

Then we came home and watched August Rush which was a fantastic film - except for the ending which was a huge disappointment, and seemed 'rushed' - no pun intended lol!

Kitty pics......

Loving my new scarf....

My new scarf is soooooo incredibly soft - and warm, and I LOVE the colours so much :)  

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