Aug. 26, 2012

Our Sunday....

My day started early - with a woodpecker attacking the roof!!!

I didn't bother to go back to sleep though, and instead did some art in bed - art journaling and doodling. 

I had a whole list of things I wanted to do on my last kid free day - but in the end I decided to have a lazy morning and then head out at lunchtime....

We dropped Laurence at his friends house, and then drove over to the community centre, to see the 'Art in the Plaza' show.  It could be soooooo good but instead was incredibly disappointing - only 4 artists were there and not really anyone else there looking round!  What a shame!!  The organizers really need to do more to get this up and running well for next year!  It COULD be an excellent show through the summer, but instead was just.....'sad'.

There are so many artists in this area - and art schools - and none of that was included.  There was NOTHING there to encourage people to stop by and look!  

Why not???  It needed music, marketing, childrens activities and arts and crafts....student work!!!

All kinds of things could have been included to make this a GREAT event!  

After our VERY quick and disappointing stop at the art show, we headed to the mall for a belt for me!! Desperately needed lol as I was fed up with pulling my pants up!!  

While in the mall we noticed this in one of the windows.  They had covered up the mannequin's boobs!!!  Hahahaha - how modest lol!  And yet directly across from this store is La Senza - a lingerie store with nothing but boobs and bras and sexy undies in the window :)  

After the mall we headed back to Whyte Ave to enjoy the last day of the Fringe Festival - and especially to see our favourite act - 'Il Duo'.
They are soooo great to watch!!  And one of them is total eye candy for me lmao!!!

We also caught another act there - Dr. something or other..and although a few of their tricks were very good, to be honest they had no stage presence and seemed completely unorganized.  The audience really wasn't enjoying them!!

And of course we had to have some lemonade as always - no Summer festival is complete without this magic drink :)  

We headed home and I soaked in the bath for a while until Sam and Abby got home!  
Yay, they are home from their week at their Dads :)  Sooo good to see them and I got lots of hugs this evening :)  Rosie is soooo much happier now - pleased to have everyone here where they should be :) 

We had to pick Laurence up from work at 9, so we went into town early and spent a while at Broadmoor Lake while the sun was setting :)  Abigail played at the playground while Sam raced around on his scooter, and I took pictures and chatted with Susannah.

After picking Laurence up, we headed home....but the kids are so excited and happy to be back together again, that getting them to calm down and go to bed took AGES!!!  But I'm not complaining - it's nice to have the house full of laughter and chatter again and know they are all here and safe again.

My oldest has hurt himself though - broken bones involved - not quite sure how or what...collar bone???  Arm???  He was in hospital.....he is ok though....We are thinking of him and sending love. 

Vancouver seems a long way away suddenly :(  

My family - 'oldified' :)

I used an app to 'age' us all - and this was the results :)  
Kind of weird to see us all really old :)
Of course the kids happily told me I am just 'older' and not old - because I'm already old!!!

Sigh.....   ;)  

Summer camp pictures....

These are pictures taken by the camp photographers at Summer Camp last week - Susannah is in each of sounds as though she had an AMAZING time there this year - with so many fun memories....

My boy :(

Yesterday I had Sam with me for a few hours - to give Lloyd a chance to work on his relationship with Abigail.  They haven't had a good week and I have had several heart-wrenching calls and messages from a VERY unhappy and distressed little girl :(  

Poor Sam wasn't feeling to well though - he was sooooo quiet and had a bad sore throat.  Luckily I had some throat sweets and meds in the house which helped a bit.  We hung out at home for a bit, while Laurence drove his friend back to Tofield.  Sam looked at his sunflowers and peas, and we played a game of Othello - he beat me!!!  Sigh.....

Then we headed in to town and met up with some friends at Kidz Quarterz.  I got to chat with Tracy for a while, Laurence bonded with her husband over used cars (lol) and Sam played with Tracy's youngest two.....

We saw more friends as we were leaving which was nice :)  

Once we got outside and into the car though, Sams meds were wearing off and he was quite tearful.  I checked Lloyd was home and took him home earlier than planned because I felt he needed to just have a nap or flop on the sofa for a while.  

It was lovely to have my boy back home and with me - where he belongs - even if just for a few hours, but was hard to see him feeling so bad.  He really goes down hill fast when he is sick - he doesn't eat and is always so quiet :(  

Roll on Sunday when Sam and Abby are home again :)  It's been a long week without them!

It was lovely to have time with Laurence - we don't get to have one on one time very often - but having just one child is sooooooo QUIET - I much prefer when my life is busy and filled with noise :)

Love this :)

Bad Girl Art :)

Someone yarn-bombed Sherwood Park :)

I've seen yarn bombing in Edmonton, but it was quite a fun surprise to see someone had yarn bombed in Sherwood Park!  The benches, trees and cycle racks were all covered in knitting and crochet this week :)  

Fun!!!  :)

Snapshots from my Saturday....

Tonights sunset:

I was ill today so soaked in the bath for a while and watched 'Life Unexpected' on Netflix.  Susannah brought me an ice cream.  If you haven't seen 'Life Unexpected' then I totally recommend it!  Fabulous show!  I have only watched the season pilot and episode one today - bawled through episode one!  Tara has recommended it a while ago and she said she bawled too!  It's basically about a teenaged girl who has been in 7 different foster homes - she finds her birth parents but their lives are still quite a mess really - and although they want her in their life, they struggle with getting their act together.  

Rosie has been my shadow for the last day or so....she literally won't leave my side, and keeps sitting too close and staring at me - it's as if she wanted to tell me something but couldn't.  It was constant and really strange!  This morning I suddenly threw up my morning coffee - and since then she has been much better - so I guess she knew I was sick before I did!!  Yesterday I felt achey and my head was heavy but I didn't feel sick.  Strange!!  

My scarlet honeysuckle didn't do so great this year - until NOW - which surprised me as they have had a lot of rain and sunshine here.

The kids are FASCINATED by this little guy - he is living outside the front door and they love watching him feed and wrap up flies in webbing etc etc....the big ball thing on his back - is that his abdomen??  I don't know - it's HUGE - like abnormally huge!  It's a type of Orb weaver.  Gross - but interesting lol!!

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