Oct. 10, 2012

Love these....both so true :)

Thanksgiving Day.

We decided to use our season passes to the Prairie Gardens before the weather changed too much, so we headed up to Bon Accord yesterday for their annual Haunted Pumpkin Festival.

It was busy there and the parking lot is now two fields away - and you then get bussed to the main area on yellow school buses!  I had never been on a yellow bus before!!  Neither had Sam - and Abby only went on one for a few months YEARS ago!  So it was one of the highlights of the day - we even got the back row :) 

It was cold.  7c but with a nasty wind!  I wore my hat for the first time:

We ran in to our friends and Abby went off with them for a little while:

There were soooo many pumpkins there this year - and several that had been carved into intricate designs and faces:

As always, Sam and Abby LOVED the knights who are there to teach fighting and archery:

Sam did the gem mining - despite the freezing water - he LOVES mining for his gems every time we go and I love his collection of stones he has:

Susannah stirring 'Sam soup' in the Enchanted Forest:

Abby pretending to hit Susannah with the giant spoon in the Enchanted Forest:

Another great day was had - and despite the cold weather we had a great time - we got to have our favourite garlic and dill potatoes - and some yummy pumpkin pie - but best of all we got plenty of fresh and and made many more fabulous memories :)  

My evening:

We went to the bottle depot tonight and then came home and finished getting ready for our guest who arrives tomorrow.  

When Abby and Sam got back from Lloyds we played some games of cards - Zap with Susie too, and Spit - I played Abby while Sam was in the shower, and then Sam while Abby showered.  

It was fun :)  Love these games :)

Sam did some colouring before he went to sleep, oh and his bedtime story tonight was 'Ten Timid Ghosts' - we are reading books to do with Halloween at the moment :)  

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