Jun. 25, 2012

A Graduation Celebrated!

Last night we were honoured to be invited to join the celebration of Alora's graduation!!  Alora has graduated from homeschooling/ unschooling and has an incredible future ahead of her as a business woman and photographer.  She comes from a long line of photographers (as I learned last night).  

It was a lovely evening - we even got to laugh at Aloras scrapbook of her younger homeschooling years (and odd haircuts given by her Mom lol)

There was chocolate fondue with lots of fruit and cake - and amazing lemonade in the cutest jar glasses with the most wonderful old fashioned stripy paper straws :)  

Lots of chat and laughter...and stories :)  

This cutie was soooo funny with her acting all tough and angry and killing her towel - hahaha  but then jumping up on to my lap for a cuddle :)  

This greeted us when we arrived - and made me jump!!  :)

It was fun to watch Alora open her cards and gifts - she was thrilled to get an iphone 4s 
although now I think I might have competition on Instagram :)  

The rain stayed away for the whole evening - it rained during the day - and afterwards, but not during the evening :)

Congratulations Alora - it is a pleasure knowing you!!
We wish you all the very best for a happy and successful future!

Monday highlights...

This is a busy week for us.  Susannah had an exam this morning, and so we headed out to pick her up as soon as her exam was over - around 10am.  Susannah's good friend Jacob joined us for the afternoon too.  Laurence came with us and we then dropped him in town as he had an exam at lunch time.  

We came home to check out the weather and decide what to do - it was looking very dark towards Miquelon AND Tofield - so that stopped us following plans A and B (the lake or Stargaze pool) and so we decided to leave that for another day, and instead we headed to Jackie Parker playground again - the kids had a blast in the water park and playing together on the playground - and we had a picnic - I am currently doing several online classes, and so I sat and worked through a chapter of my book and did some of the exercises for this week.  It was a great place to do this as much of it focused on senses - definitely plenty of sights, sounds and scents for me to discuss :)  
It was HOT in that sun!  26c and humid!  It was quite a relief when it finally clouded over a bit!  The kids were happy to leave mid afternoon, and we drove in to get Laurence and then home.

Tonight is about our only evening at home this week, so I am taking the opportunity to relax and catch up on my classes again.

Heading in to the water together:  

Drying off in the playground afterwards:

Picnic time:

My reading/ classwork for the afternoon:

The kids split in to teams in the water park - I think Susannahs team lost hahaha:

The seagulls are always at the park - Abigail called me to say one had it's beak in the picnic bag while I was reading!!

Part of this weeks class work is to take pictures from ground level and try to capture the atmosphere of a place from that angle:

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