Oct. 11, 2012

T's pictures from our walk this morning...

My camera switched off because it was too cold :(  So T took some pictures and said I could 'steal them' for here :)

Our Thursday afternoon....

Reading, card game playing, Minecraft, pumpkin decorating, picture printing and working on my Mini Fall album....cat cuddling, lunch making...chocolate eating.....keeping warm and cozy by the fire :)

Orienteering class...

Abigail had her second orienteering class at the Wilderness Centre this morning.  She didn't enjoy it quite as much as last week - partly because it was so cold (-3c) and partly because todays class was more difficult, but they all seemed happy enough at the end of class, so I'm still glad she went!

The class was 9:30 until 11:30, and while she was busy, Sam and I went for a walk with T and S.  T brought me one of her AMAZING coffee's again!  Wow I really do have the best friends :)

We walked some of the trails and took pictures of the snow...and then spent the last half an hour warming Sam up in the truck as he was cold.  

First snowfall!!

Yesterday we woke up to snow.  I enjoyed sipping my coffee and watching the snow fall:

The flowers at Superstore looked really pretty all dusted with snow:

Most of the snow has now gone and it is supposed to warm up again over the next few days...

House guest 2....

This is Tigger, she is so sweet...Abby is enjoying having her here.....she will be sad to say goodbye!

Kevin arrives :)

Yesterday the German Exchange students arrived here in Edmonton and Laurence finally got meet Kevin.  They have been Facebook friends for a few months now so recognised each other straight away :)  


There was a banner to welcome them, and everyone had flags and pins to give their exchange parter:

Abby made a sign to welcome Kevin, and Susannah and Sam coloured the German and Canadian flags to put in Kevins room:

Waiting, waiting, waiting:

Finally they are here.  He is so tall!

He brought a 'little' chocolate as gifts.  lol!  
Perfect gift for our family!  :)  

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