Oct. 31, 2012

Horse riding lesson 3....

Today Abigail got to ride an older horse - named Penny.  Penny is 35 and has  a little arthritis, but despite her age, she loves to work and get exercise, and was a great horse!!  

Abby is a good rider - she just needs to gain confidence in being the boss :)  

Oct. 30, 2012

October 31st....

Tuesday ramblings....

This morning we had gymnastics  - and I was reminded how amazing my friends are - T brought me coffee (yummy Italian coffee mmmmmm) and J brought chocolate chip muffins!!!  Wow so spoilt!!  Definitely helped me cope with an early start after very little sleep!  Sam and I were up for several hours early this morning (2am until 6am or so)  and so yes, I love my friends soooo MUCH!!

Abby enjoying a muffin after gymnastics.  In shorts.  In the snow.  lol:  

Abigails coffee today between gymnastics and unloading the truck at the new house.

When Susannah and I got back from the new place tonight, we sat in the truck for a while listening to a discussion on Now Radio....and I snapped a couple of pictures of the moon and the house in the darkness:

Fall Mini Album....

I am going to end my Fall album on Halloween...now he snow is here it feels more like Winter, so after Halloween I am going to stop this book and start a Winter journal - and then start JYC in December for Christmas memories :)  

I have LOVED creating this mini album - it is crammed full of memories, pictures, notes and ephemera from the last couple of months - tickets, receipts etc etc...love it!!  :)  

The new house has a big office which has a desk etc for the computer....and room for an art table and armchair - so I can sit in there while the kids are on the computer - and I can craft away :)  

Oct. 29, 2012


Abigail had French class today, so Sam, Laurence and I went to buy Sam some new shoes...and Laurence some work pants.  

(will finish this tomorrow)

Scenes from our day....

A Halloween themed version of 'Go Fish' - Go Batty :)  

Bedtime story last night was 'Pigs'!!  by Robert Munsch.

Our new home :)

Yesterday we spent time at the new place....I LOVE the back yard sooooo much :)  
It was snowing a fair bit and just so pretty :)  

Lots of trees and a hummingbird feeder, so I can still feed my hummingbirds:

The last people had a 'thing' about checking the temperature haha:

Deck and gazebo - space for a hot tub lol:

This bench in the corner has flower boxes all round the edge:

The pond and waterfall - shed to the left and firepit to the right.  I have cattails in my yard :)  

Oct. 28, 2012

Altered Book...

At Goodwill today, Cassie helped me find some old books that were bound by stitches...when I got home I started altering the cover of one and this is going to be my new art journal to work in :)  I am working through Effy Wild's 'Book of Days' Boot Camp...and she shows how to alter a book to use as your 'Book of days'.  I love it so far and can't WAIT to have a chance to work in it :)  I used coloured art tissue paper that bleeds...so there aren't quite such harsh edges...I did this over a layer of sewing patterns...then I placed a big butterfly on the cover and it is all modpodged :)  

I love it :)

Saturday at our place!

I was up bright and early today, but annoyed at myself for forgetting to buy coffee yesterday!  Instead of coffee I had to make do with TEA...which I drank while stood in my bedroom window watching the snow fall - I had the window wide open but it was very still outside and peaceful and it was so lovely!

After spending the morning with my art...drawing and colouring, we headed in to town and I finally got some COFFEE!!!!   Then we popped in to the new place...did a few things there and then headed to Goodwill to get part of Laurences Halloween costume :)

Laurence is Woody this year - I LOVE this because Laurence has always adored Woody!!  
I remember how happy he was to have his picture taken with Woody at Disney World :)

Tonight I took Susie and Cassie to the Haunted Hike again!  Third time this year.  It was cold again but I was prepared this time with layers, gloves and two pairs of socks on lol!  We also got there early and thankfully the line up moved fast - and we had hot drinks to keep us warm!

This was the line when we were there, but by the time we got back, the line up looped round and back up the same length AGAIN!!  Crazy!

We came home and watched 'Silence of the Lambs' 

Girls didn't like it much as they thought it was 'messed up' lol!

Oct. 27, 2012


Abigail got a couple of cross stitch kits from the Reuse Centre yesterday, and this morning she started to use one of the kits.  To practice the stitching she made Sam a bookmark with his name on it:

We headed into town to Michaels, the craft store,  to get some raffia for Susannahs scarecrow costume. It was still snowing lightly...

Then a visit to the library to pick up a couple of dvd's While there Abigail helped me search for a few things and Sam played on the computer:

On the way home we stopped off at T's house for some boxes she had saved for me, and we got to see the pot bellied piglets - they are just one day old :)  Soooo teeny tiny and cute!!

The goats are very photogenic but scare me lol!

Home again and time to get Susannah's costume ready for her Halloween dance at the school.  Her friends and her are characters from The Wizard of Oz :)  

We picked Cassie up and I drove them to the dance, then headed in to town to meet Gary.  Then Laurence and I headed to one of the Halloween stores in town - we have FOUR in Sherwood Park now:

I stopped at the Macs near our new house for a coffee, then drove back to the school and waited about 15 minutes for the dance to end...Cassie is spending the night here....it's nice to see her and Susie catching up :)  

That was my Friday....hope yours was a good one :)  

Oct. 26, 2012

Friday fill ins :)

And...here we go!

1. Oh, that was easy. 
2. It's a sure sign of Summer being over when the pond freezes - lol!! 
3. Are we having Timmys for lunch again??!. 
4. My heart has an extra beat. 
5. Do you believe in ghosts? I do! 
6. I'm a little bit happy to see snow :)
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to to meeting up with Gary, tomorrow my plans include doing something with Susannah and Cassie and Sunday, I want to sleep in and then sort the house!

My friends are FABULOUS :)

Click HERE 
to read about our recent Scavenger hunt at Elk Island Park, and see pictures of me with my wonderful, crazy friends :)  

Beautiful pictures by Lorraine Marie Fotography :)  

That was such a lovely day and YES we should do it again very soon....and a turkey supper lol - time for NUMBER THREE  :)  

snapshots from the last few days.....

Banana after horse riding while we were having lunch on Wednesday.  It was so funny as the old lady in Timmy's was talking to Abigail like she was stupid....she made Abigail count the cups as she put them on the tray and was telling her what a 'big girl' she was being helping Mommy!!  Hahaha  Abby just looked at me and I was laughing...and Abby was telling me how crazy the old was!!  Actually she WAS - even the other staff were rolling their eyes at her and she was saying all kinds of strange things! She yells at customers and puts her hand up to stop you...and you ask for something and she says 'I'm not going to give you that, but instead I will give you this...' and she is too scary to argue with hahahaha!

Then when we were eating she came over and picked up the trays and complained that there were enough trays to feed a country...there were TWO!!!  hahahaha!!  And she had given them to us!!!  omg!  soooo funny!

New art work I am working on:

My friends had some new arrivals this week - 5 baby pot bellied pigs!!  Soooo cute!!

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