Oct. 28, 2012

Saturday at our place!

I was up bright and early today, but annoyed at myself for forgetting to buy coffee yesterday!  Instead of coffee I had to make do with TEA...which I drank while stood in my bedroom window watching the snow fall - I had the window wide open but it was very still outside and peaceful and it was so lovely!

After spending the morning with my art...drawing and colouring, we headed in to town and I finally got some COFFEE!!!!   Then we popped in to the new place...did a few things there and then headed to Goodwill to get part of Laurences Halloween costume :)

Laurence is Woody this year - I LOVE this because Laurence has always adored Woody!!  
I remember how happy he was to have his picture taken with Woody at Disney World :)

Tonight I took Susie and Cassie to the Haunted Hike again!  Third time this year.  It was cold again but I was prepared this time with layers, gloves and two pairs of socks on lol!  We also got there early and thankfully the line up moved fast - and we had hot drinks to keep us warm!

This was the line when we were there, but by the time we got back, the line up looped round and back up the same length AGAIN!!  Crazy!

We came home and watched 'Silence of the Lambs' 

Girls didn't like it much as they thought it was 'messed up' lol!

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