Jan. 23, 2013

For today....

Outside my window...it is dark, cold and snowing.  The roads are not good - icy, slippery and residentials are clogged with uncleared snow.

I am thinking...that I should switch this off and go to sleep because my eyes are tired.

I am hearing...my girls giggling together in the bedroom next to mine :)

I am thankful...for a lovely relaxing day at home with the children - crafting and making, chatting and just 'being'.

In the kitchen...Tonight I had some of the shepherds pie leftovers reheated.  So glad I saved what was left and froze it.  It was sooooo YUMMY!!!  Tonight in the kitchen I have a tan filled with water - awaiting Sea Monkey eggs to be added tomorrow.

I am wearing...my pink stripy pj pants and a black top - I'm in bed :)

I am creating...decorations for Valentines day ready for our party, jewellery, artwork....

I am going...to pub quiz tomorrow night - yay!!!

I am wondering...what happened.

I am reading...'Breadcrumbs' to Abby and Sam :)

I am looking forward to...my birthday this weekend - and Susannahs birthday on Monday :)

I am learning....about a lot of new things this week...about Sensory Processing Disorder, weighted vests amongst other things...

I am pondering...going Gluten free....

One of my favorite things...my new '52 Lists' journal :)

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Pub quiz, swimming, Ice on Whyte, birthday celebrations :)

Scenes from our day....

It snowed all day today.  I was up early to get Susannah to her bus stop as 
it had not snowed through the night...but it was snowing as we drove and continued ALL day.

I was feeling so drained and under the weather - really needing a day at home, a quiet day to feel more centred. So we changed our plans and instead of going swimming/ skating with friends, we stayed home in the warm and spent the day doing crafts :)

Abigail continued to make gifts for people - including her dolls - with the beads we had taken to the homeschool group yesterday:

I made a necklace which can be worn as a bracelet too:

I also made some hearts to decorate the house ready for Valentines Day - we are having a party here that day and so I want to decorate the place a bit:

I also made these paper hearts which I plan to hang from the ceiling here and there:

Sam watched Cupquake videos all morning and played minecraft.  

He also did some dice math - he decided to change the game a bit and make it a race - giving each number on the dice one of his friends names so see who would win.  

I set him up with some yarn and sandpaper to play with too -you can make pictures on the sandpaper with the yarn and it sticks like magic :)  He then cut off some of the sand paper and started sanding one of his gemstones for a while.  We also filled his tank up with water ready for his Sea Monkeys to go in tomorrow!  

Abigail used the computer in the afternoon, and searched for instructional videos on things to make for dolls as well as things to make out of duct tape.  She came down and showed me this hair band she had made - it does up with velcro and the bows are detachable so she can swap them around :)

She made matching ones for her and her dolls:

When we picked Susannah up from the bus, we stopped off at Dollarama to stock up with craft supplies we needed.  Then we spent a relaxing evening at home - and Sam and I ended the evening by the fire watching 'Planet Earth' :)  

More pictures from gymnastics yesterday!

I love going to gymnastics on a Tuesday - I love seeing the big mix of ages - I love seeing how busy it is and just how MANY homeschoolers go now - we really do have such a great and huge homeschool community here now - so active and busy!!  But one of the things I love the most is seeing the huge mix of ages there all playing together, toddlers, preschoolers, children, pre-teens and teens - and even an adult student!!  Everyone chatting together, playing, laughing, helping, supporting!  

Homeschooling here is the BEST :)  

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