Jan. 14, 2013


This afternoon I altered a couple of old tins - an altoid tin and an old larger candy tin.  I covered both in a layer of polymer clay (Sculpey) and then added some clay embellishments.  I'm really happy with how they turned out - I am still new to Sculpey, but am really enjoying working with it:  

I also started work on a doodle this morning:

Our day at home...

Today...our activities included math with money, minecraft, making crafts and gifts for a friend, sewing, drawing, cooking, watching a few documentaries on Animal Planet - including one on Anacondas and one on the Chimp expert Jane Goodall. We also watched one on puppy development in different breeds.  

Sam used one of the 'Doctor Dreadful' kits he was given for his birthday - he made sour gummy organs  and then injected them with 'gut goo'...he had a fantastic time making a real mess by mixing up ingredients, freezing them, and then being able to eat them!!!  

Abby and I are growing crystals on snowflakes - we made snowflake shapes out of pipe cleaners, and then soaked them in a Borax mixture - we will leave them over night but they are already well covered in pretty, sparkly crystals.

Sam and I then made some hearts and a letter S, and soaked them in pink food dye - for Valentines day :)  

While the Borax was out, we also made some gak or slime.....this is a polymer and always fun to do - watching it change from a liquid to a solid!  I need to get some cornstarch so we can make bouncy balls!!

Sam also set up the little city he was given - its very cool and has noises for the emergency vehicles etc - so he was engrossed in that for a long time!

Then he came and joined me at the table while I was working and he had a go with Polymer Clay and a mould:

A day at home - so rare!

It was snowing when I woke up to take Susannah to the bus - the drive there wasn't so bad, but coming back was horrible and I chose to get off the highway and drive through town.  Visibility on the highway was REALLY poor.

I got a text when I got home, from Susannah saying her bus had slid into a ditch and was almost on its side.  She was shaken up but ok - everyone was ok :)  

They had to evacuate the bus and a new bus was sent out to them.

Susannah was nervous on the rest of the journey - and again on the way home but all was well.

Laurence also slipped on the snow - and banged his head!  Thankfully he too was fine - and he was able to make it to school for his first diploma exam!  

Once I was home I decided to stay home for the day - it snowed all day long and was very pretty - and cosy here.  We got a lot done and enjoyed our quiet day :)  

Rosie very much enjoyed the snow:


and having us home with her all day:

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