Oct. 17, 2012

Today I....

Today I went - to Kidz Quarterz with friends 

Today I hoped - I wouldn't be late to this mornings lesson (I wasn't) and that I wouldn't get a migraine from rushing about (I didn't).

Today I dreamed - of owning horses :)

Today I forgot - where I had put my keys again and we searched for a good ten minutes before we found them!

Today I heard - 'Thank you' in Ethiopian and 'porcupine' in German :)

Today I said - thank you to Trina for making Abigail so happy :)

Today I read - several sentences on a translation app - and also a web page about seal flipper pie :)

Today I watched - Abigail gain confidence on her horse during her first riding lesson :)

Today I believed - that my house would smell amazing when I got home and it did :)

Today I felt - tired from lack of sleep due to last nights wind storm

Today I wondered - how things would go in a certain meeting today.

Today I ate - two bowls of my fabulous beef stew from the crockpot.

Today I bought - coffees at Kidz Quarterz

Today I cleaned - the kitchen.  I wasn't home to do much more but DID clean a lot yesterday.

Today I was me :)

First horse riding lesson

Abigail started horse riding lessons this morning at a local stable.  The classes were set up by a fellow homeschooling Mom.  I think there are 4 people in the class - only three today as one couldn't make it - but it's a lovely small class.  The teacher was fabulous - kind but strict - and teachers them EVERYTHING - even things they aren't quite ready to do but need to know - like cleaning out the feet before riding - and she taught them the types of horses and colours etc etc....how they are measured...

It was a great class and lasted almost two hours!  They groomed their horses before riding and walked with the horses...then rode them for a long while, before dismounting, removing the bit and washing it, then taking the saddle off and putting it back in the tack room properly - and then taking the horses outside to feed them and groom them again.  

I think I had as much fun watching Abigail as she had riding!

Sam didn't want lessons as he wants to do other things, but he sat and watched and cuddled the stable cats the whole time :)  

We can't wait until next week!!

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