Nov. 22, 2012


Abigail had French class, so Sam and I sat in the Timmy's near her class and he worked on the Sudoku in that days Metro paper.  He is a little addicted to Sudoku right now, so afterwards we went over to the gas station and got him his own book of Sudoku :)  He worked in it all evening :)  

While he did math I did art - doodling with coffee:

For supper Abby and I made cheese and bacon filled potato skins:

After supper we watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation:

And then Sam played with his magnetic drawing board again before bed:

Snapshots from a relaxing weekend

We had a lovely relaxing weekend - much needed.  It was cold and we were tired after a very busy and crazy few weeks - Kevins visit, moving house and many other with Sam and Abby away, it was nice to finally stay home a lot, sleep in, relax and not do a whole lot.  Laurence worked and saw his friends quite a bit but due to some mess ups with planning, Susannahs sleepovers were cancelled.

We went out to eat and we went to the Celebration of Lights and saw the digital Christmas Tree lit at the community centre in town. It was really lovely to see Reindeer at the celebration :) 

My weekend involved wine - so all was good :)  Oh and we watched a lot of cartoons - including Shrek 4 which was FAB - I'd never seen that before :)  It was so good :)  

I got caught up with some art work and created my album for this years JYC.  

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