May 16, 2012

Our Wednesday.....

Coffee this morning - MUCH needed!!!

Chatting on the bed with Sam and he was explaining why he loves the BIG t-shirt to sleep in and how he can curl right up inside it!!!  :

Abby and I watched the week two videos from the online class we are taking.  Abigail then used what she learned to write her name and create mosaics inside:

Our facilitator came today to see how our year had gone.  The meeting went REALLY well and she was thrilled that we had such a great year!  She was extremely reassuring about a few things I discussed with her and I was really pleased to have the chance to talk with her.  She was thrilled with Sam and Abby's progress, and sat and looked through all their gemstones and discussed Minecraft etc with them.  

After our visit with the facilitator, we spent the afternoon out on the deck at the table - it was lovely and hot and Abby and I did some art while Sam played and collected sticks - which he WAS going to paint, but I think he got distracted down in the long grass with Rosie.

For lunch I made amazing Veggy Wraps (spinach wraps stuffed with cream cheese, cucumber, peppers and tomatoes).  They are sooooo good:

This was Sams artwork in his journal today - it is a 'surreal' face:

It was a hot day and so Abigail fed Rosie a freezy to cool her down:

Sam is OBSESSED with climbing trees at the moment, and I can't always say no - so sometimes I let him get on with it - so long as I am around to make sure he is ok.  He is sooooo fast and can go so high!    I love that he is able to be such a REAL boy and do things like climbing trees and playing in the woods and shooting his bow and arrow in our yard.  He loves living here sooooo MUCH.  He and Rosie are inseparable when the weather is good and they just want to be outside:

Tonight was the first farmers market of the year and we had sooooo been looking forward to it!!  Sadly by the time it ws on, the weather had changed completely.  It was cold, grey and very windy - and threatening rain.  We had a quick walk through the market instead of getting supper there.  Laurence and Sam bought Kettlecorn, and Sam bought a punch balloon.  I bought 3 huge cucumbers for $4.00  so we can continue to make the veggy wraps :)  

It was far too cold for us to enjoy the lemonade we traditionally have each week at the market.  I don't think they did very well today:

It started to rain just as we got back to the car:

I am still loving that it is so green everywhere now:

Art for Wednesday......

Today was an 'at home' day - and I got to spend much of it being creative....which is always a pretty perfect day for me!!  :)

Firstly, here is my face for today for the 29 Faces in May challenge (my first attempt at sunglasses lol):

For this page I used a sheet of paper that one of my students from my art journaling classes created.  They used sheets of paper last night to practice with the ink sprays and stencils - and I loved their practice sheets so much I kept two and decided to use them as backgrounds for pages in my art journal:

I love how art journals look as they start getting full.  I am really enjoying my current journal even though it is just a $1. notebook from Dollarama - I think I prefer it to my Moleskines and more expensive art paper books:

Sam, Abby and I sat outside on the deck this afternoon and had tea and did some art.  This is the page I created using Dodinsky's quote from today which I just LOVED:

Art journaling outside in the sunshine:

A few more snapshots from our afternoon at the Devonian Gardens...

My Tuesday evening.....

When we got home this afternoon, I cut the grass, then went on to the trampoline with my water, and lay in the sunshine on there!  It was soooo comfortable.  Sam brought me a bunch of dandelions he had picked for me :)  Abby brought me a cup of tea and a snack.  It was sooooo relaxing!  

I put a picture of me on Instagram and the company that made our trampoline saw it and left a comment!!  Too funny!  

After Sam and Abby had left to go to their Dads for the evening, I got to work on the homework for my class that I hadn't done!  Linea had told me to do a mans face and a masculine page because all I ever do is girls faces!!  So this is what I did:

Then we got everything ready in the art room and tidied the kitchen etc ready for class.  Tonight was the last class in this series of art journaling (evenings).  I'm sad they have ended as it has been yet another lovely class!!  Tonight I let them do their own page theme/ topic.....and got out some new products to try.  They LOVED the dylusions and also used the stencils with modelling paste.  They used alcohol inks too and added these products to what they have learned so far about layering, gesso, washes, etc etc.  They also prepped some pages of both journals with gesso of different colours and also modpodge - so they have canvases ready to use at home!

I did this page about our upcoming trip we are planning:

And I used the alphabet stencil and modelling paste to create dimension:

The circles on the page represent the fact that it is a round trip we are doing - starting off in Drumheller...slowly working our way to Vancouver, and then coming home via Jasper.  

I'm pleased with the page.  I also wrote a page of writing on my Mothers Day page!  

It was a good class - lots of chat and laughter and music playing!!  Great fun!  

I LOVE teaching these classes.  I really hope I am able to continue!!

After class, we drove in to town to get Laurence from work....s it is National Chocolate Chip day, we had a McFlurry each and mine had choccy chips in it :)  Yum!

Home in time for Abby and Sam to come home.  Then we cleaned up the art room quickly and all headed upstairs to bed.  Sam and Abby were chatting and laughing with me for a while...can't even remember what about but it was nice....oh and I told Abby I have a surprise for them tomorrow night :)  

So that was my Tuesday - hope you all had a fabulous day!!  :)


Track and Field day!!!

Today was Susannah's Track and field day (sports day) with her school.  We go every year and always really enjoy it!!  The weather is almost always gorgeous!  Today was PERFECT - warm and a little breezy, but just gorgeous - in fact I ended up rather sunburnt :(  

Susannah won the high jump, shotput, 400 metres and high jump.  She came third in the 1500 metres and I'm sure she got ribbons for other things too but I just can't remember them all - she certainly doesn't get her sporting ability from me!  I am so very proud of her and how much practice and dedication she puts in to this!  She has been running almost daily at home and training for today!  She deserved every ribbon she got!

Last night we packed our picnic ready and made vegetable wraps, crispy bread rolls with cheese and cucumber, and packed drinks and other treats ready to go!  It was fabulous!  There were very few parents there to watch - 5 or 6 maybe....which was a shame as it always used to be popular!  

I feel so grateful to have been able to go today.  I know things may well change and I may have to go out to work, but for now I am grateful that I can be there to cheer on my Daughter and her friends - I know how important it is to her!

Sam got chatting to some of Susies classmates - and the topic was Minecraft - Sams obsession hahaha so we left them to it and went back to the bleachers - they came back over about half an hour later....but it was nice that Sam was teaching them a few things too and they are always so good with Sam :)

I finally got to meet the famous Mr Romanowski!!  He came over to chat to the girls so I introduced myself and shook his hand and of course Susannah started giggling after he left and saying she had never seen him act that way before hahahaha!  Too funny.  He IS very cute....but very young lol.  I know she thinks he'd be the PERFECT person for me to date lol...I think she only wants that so he can play guitar with HER all the time :)  

I also saw Keenans Dad Mitch, the Dad of a friend of Chris's from Jr High.  It was good to see him and we had a long chat.  His wife came over at the end and it was good to see her too.  It sounds like Keenan is doing well and it was nice to catch up!  

The only down side to today is that I burnt badly in the sun and wind.  My face is red and so are my arms!!  yikes!  I didn't even think :(  Sigh.....

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