Nov. 9, 2012

snap shots.....

Canvas I started on today:

Rosie was fed up that I was too busy to play ball...

Someone has settled in well at our new home:

Scenic pictures from T's yard in the snow today:

Beauty School 101.....Royal Order style....

Today we were invited over to watch J perm T's hair :)
This was some CRAZY fun!!!  J had never permed anyones hair before - thankfully K joined us, who is a hair stylist!!!  :)  L and C also joined us...

While we were in the kitchen, the approx 10 children (???) all went sledding, played with the kittens and piglets, said hi to the llama and goats....played various board games and generally had a great time...I love how well our children get on with each other :)

It was such a fabulous afternoon - so many laughs, good friends, good food and coffee..generally just an amazing time was had by all :)  

Friday fill-ins....

1. One time, I was scared to drive out of Sherwood Park or in bad weather - not any more! 
2. hearing my kids playing or giggling together is something that makes me smile. 
3. Seven words I love: lovely, bliss, calm, friendship, create, home, love. 
4. more snow; bloody hell!! 
5. I looked out the window today and saw a winter wonderland. 
6. my friends ROCK and that's saying something!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to chillaxing at home, tomorrow my plans include going swimming and Sunday, I want to see how the day goes! 
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