Sep. 23, 2012

The Royal Order.....

A special day for my beautiful girl...

Lately several people have thought Abigail was a boy.  Despite her frequently wearing pink, and having a very girly face - JUST because she has short hair they think she is Sams brother!  So we decided that getting Abigails ears pierced a year early might help to make her feel more girly and happier about things.  I've been thinking about it for a few weeks and Abigail decided she was ready.

This morning we headed in to town with Susannah, for a girls trip - at Abby's request.  We heaed to Claires at the mall and Abigail selected her earings - a pair of Hello Kitty ones :)  

Abby smiled through the whole process and is thrilled with her new pretty ears :)  

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