Oct. 30, 2012

October 31st....

Tuesday ramblings....

This morning we had gymnastics  - and I was reminded how amazing my friends are - T brought me coffee (yummy Italian coffee mmmmmm) and J brought chocolate chip muffins!!!  Wow so spoilt!!  Definitely helped me cope with an early start after very little sleep!  Sam and I were up for several hours early this morning (2am until 6am or so)  and so yes, I love my friends soooo MUCH!!

Abby enjoying a muffin after gymnastics.  In shorts.  In the snow.  lol:  

Abigails coffee today between gymnastics and unloading the truck at the new house.

When Susannah and I got back from the new place tonight, we sat in the truck for a while listening to a discussion on Now Radio....and I snapped a couple of pictures of the moon and the house in the darkness:

Fall Mini Album....

I am going to end my Fall album on Halloween...now he snow is here it feels more like Winter, so after Halloween I am going to stop this book and start a Winter journal - and then start JYC in December for Christmas memories :)  

I have LOVED creating this mini album - it is crammed full of memories, pictures, notes and ephemera from the last couple of months - tickets, receipts etc etc...love it!!  :)  

The new house has a big office which has a desk etc for the computer....and room for an art table and armchair - so I can sit in there while the kids are on the computer - and I can craft away :)  

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