May 29, 2012

Flowers :)

Flowers outside of McDonalds tonight - when we went to pick Laurence up from work:

Sam picked me two HUGE bunches of beautiful yellow Dandelions today - he just loves them soooo much and loves to pick them for me.  he loves how sunny and yellow and cheery they are.  And I love them because he loves them:

He washed out a mug by my bed and used it as a vase for them.  He really is SUCH a sweetheart.  He also filled a vase of them and left them on the kitchen island :)  


Today we headed to the Telus World of Science to see the new Interactive Exhibit 'Robots'!!  It opened on Saturday.  We really enjoyed it and the children have asked to go back - so we are planning to go back this weekend so that we can also go to the Observatory and look at the sun and maybe see Venus and ask questions about its transit next week.  We bought eclipse glasses so we can watch Venus transit the sun too :)  

The robot exhibit has lots of things you can have a go on/ with - and all kinds of information on how animations are made these days - as well as lots of models from the movie!

Sam loved playing with the remote controlled robots:

Abigail was  REALLY good at working the robotic arm:

Standing up dominoes ready to knock them all down and try and get the bell to ring :)  

We spent an hour in the planetarium learning all about our solar system and the 'digital universe'.  It was really interesting and you could shout out questions.  This picture below is a visual representation of our universe looking at it from outside.  Each tiny blue dot is another galaxy!!  

This was the sign in the parking lot :)  Just soooo polite :)

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