Jun. 1, 2012

Snapshots from our week...

Summer 2012 is DEFINITELY the summer of ankle jewelry :)  I have a few different anklets now and am LOVING them :)

Joy :)  


Have been going through old folders and instagramming some pics as a way to back up yet again :)  Here are a few I added yesterday:


We met our friends Lorraine and Alora at the farmers market and enjoyed a stroll through the stalls - some snacks and some lemonade :)  

We ate and drank over on the sports field, where Sam asked to pose for some pictures, includinga  'serious shot' :)  

Then Abby practised cartwheelinga round and Sam decided to run round the track - TWICE!!  Yep, my little guy ran 800 metres :)  Go Sammy :)  He has so much energy and is a great little runner!

The children cooled off in the new water fountains in festival Walk:

We stayed in the library until almost closing time and checked out a few books.  Susannah is still stuck in The Hunger Games :)  

When we got home, we all went out on to the back deck and wrapped up in blankets etc.  We lit the lanterns and had tea - and Susannah played guitar - and we watched the sun go down :)  It was a fabulous evening full of laughs, happiness, smiles and memories.  It seems like each day gets better and better.  Love my kids so much :) 


Art journal pages I'm working on...

And a quote I LOVE:

Todays foodie pics :)

Today has been all about the food :) 
This morning I met Val and Tara for breakfast at Coras.  It has been far too long, and was great to catch up with them both and share our news - breakfast was amazing - I had fruit and yogurt with granola.  I am a little addicted to yogurt and granola right now - in fact so much so that I made my own granola yesterday - and even Abigail is in love with it :)  

For dinner I cooked Moroccan chicken - kids loved it and said they want it again!  So easy and ready in 20 minutes - from SCRATCH!!  :)  Love my PC deep dish for cooking chicken :)

 Susannah made chocolate dipped strawberries and we sat outside on the porch while it rained and ate our strawberries which were sooooo yummy!

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