Apr. 22, 2012

Earth Day....

The weather today was just gorgeous! I slept with my window open all night so I could fall asleep listening to the frogs.  Bliss.
Today Susannah and I went to see a movie at lunch time - The Lucky One - and then after picking Laurence up from his friends house, we were home by late afternoon and still had several hours of sunshine and several hours before Sam and Abby were due back.  
Susannah and I did some yard work - cutting grass, tidying up the fire pit, demolishing the sandpit/ box,  sweeping up, picking up garbage....
Then we took Rosie for a walk all round the acreage and played fetch with her in the pond so she got tired out from swimming.  
I picked some Pussy Willow to go in a big jug in the hallway.  It looks so lovely - couldn't believe the prices at the farmers market yesterday!  People pay crazy amounts for some cuttings of Pussy Willow!  We have it growing everywhere!  

All in all, it was a fabulous day - still lots to do around the acreage, but we made a good start and it felt good to spend a few hours outside enjoying this little piece of Planet Earth that I am so lucky to have!!

Our Saturday....

Susannah and I had to head to Whyte Ave to pick up the Roller Derby tickets
so we called in at the farmers market.  We treated ourselves to a bag each of the amazing almonds
that they sell there - raspberry flavoured :)  
While we were there, we got to see a flashmob take place outside!!  Turns out, it was the Edmonton location for the Body by Vi Challenge 'Worlds largest flash mob' and these were taking place all over the world in all different cities!!
The tv cameras were there, so no doubt it was on the news last night!!

I expected to wake up and see Kony 2012 posters everywhere, but we didn't see many at all...a few had already been covered over by other posters on Whyte Ave, but we did spot this ONE on a store window:

Saturday evening, we headed over to the Roller Derby to watch the game.  It was a REALLY good game - soooo violent and crazy!  Bet those girls are bruised today!  They were pushing each other like crazy and going flying off the rink and so many fell over.  Great game - so much better than last time!  

The weather was so nice yesterday and today that out came my capri's and sandals :)  

After the roller derby we grabbed some supper together:

Susannah was busy chatting with her new beau 'Jon'....they text constantly....but thankfully he is three provinces away :)  

It was a good day....started with me going in to town to see Sandy and get my taxes done - yay glad that is done for another year!  Thank you soooo much Sandy!  

Laurence worked last night and spent the weekend at his friends house...he looks exhausted not just from working but all the walking it means too - but it's good for him I think :)  

So my weekend was spent with Susannah - art journaling, Whyte Ave, Roller Derby, supper, lots of chat, lots of laughing...I feel so lucky to have such a great relationship with my Daughter!  

I missed Sam and Abby but knew they were happy and these weekends without them are a great time to spend with Susannah and Laurence.  

Such a shame I didn't have that chance with Chris.


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