Jun. 22, 2012


Today was a lovely relaxing day at home - a little laundry and cleaning up and the rest of the day spent doing things outside.  Abigail did some work on the deck and also had some craft time there:

They each did a 'popcorn art' craft - where you colour in the picture and then place it in a warm oven for a few minutes - and the pictures 'pop' in the heat and all puff up:

We checked our plants, did some weeding and watering.  I love having the tubs on the deck - so easy to look after and so much fun!  The peas and radishes are doing well and need to be thinned out.  Sam's sunflowers are doing fabulously!

I decided to give a new craft a try - turning an old magazine into an art journal.  I used an old 'Better Homes and Gardens' magazine, and modpodged three pages at a time together.  I then gessoed the cover and pages I had created.  I also started working on two pages in this journal.  It is going to be a Summer journal - with summery colours and pictures, quotes, poems etc all about Summer:

Dark clouds appeared around us, but seemed to avoid our house completely - although we were sad not to get a storm, it was also nice to be outside all day!  

I found a craft kit for growing dinosaurs from these little pods - so the children shared them out, and grew them in jars of water on the deck:

We decided to have one of our poetry teas.  Abigail baked us some egg-free oatmeal raison cookies and we munched on those and had a cup of tea each out on the deck - and we took it in turns to read poems to each other all about Summer :)  

On wednesday I picked up some wooden pegs and today Abby and sam made peg dolls each and used fabric to create clothes and yarn to create hair:

This morning we found this fabulous invitation on our porch - a birthday party invitation for Sam and Abby for next week - it is an amazing invitation - a message / pirate map scrolled up and placed like a message in a bottle - the bottle has a little sand and some seashells in it!!!

Another page from the altered magazine/ art journal I am working on for Summer:

We had a yummy lasagna and salad for supper, and then for dessert we had smores on the fire outside.  Susannah had a party in the park today after exams, and she had supplied the smores ingredients - she came home with plenty left, so we used them up tonight.  Abby and Sam played in the pool and the slip and slide while Susannah and I read by the fire.  They are LOVING our evening fires!!  Sam really does get so excited about them:

I fell asleep in the sunshine today and had a nap for 1 1/2 hours - and it was probably the best sleep I have had in a  LONG time!!  Must be the fresh air!!  I am a little bit red from being in the sun though!  Yikes!  Oh well - I am pleased to have some colour on my skin again after winter.  Loving how fast I am tanning this year.  Oh wow I love Summer!!

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