May 19, 2012

Today we spent the day at my friend Ki's house - keeping her company and 'helping' with her garage sale!!  My help was basically me fetching lunch and buying half of what she was selling!!  lol!  I left Abby there for a while and Sam and I went to KFC to drop Laurence his wallet.  Laurence looked so cute and so smart in his uniform!!  First time I have seen him at work - he served the guy in front of me and I got to see him in action - so very proud :) 

We also popped in to the thrift store, where Sam bought some kind of block building toy thing that lights up - and I bought a math set because I needed a compass!  

We picked up lunch at Timmys and took it back for everyone.  Yum.  Sam bought a scooter at the yard sale, and Abby bought a bike....they played around the sidewalks and then headed to the park for a while.  If i can't keep this house then Ki's would be PERFECT - such a GREAT location:

Kaleigh has lent me The Hunger Games Trilogy:

Ki enjoying her coffee in the garage lol!  It was FREEZING lol - it snowed last night!!

And these are two pictures from yesterday that I really like:

Sam with his favourite flower - Dandelions!!  
And today he was most upset with Ki for digging them all up on her front yard and calling them 'weeds'  hahaha  So he went round fast and picked them all to give to me :)  

Artsy Saturday....

These star pictures are my homework for the online class I am taking 'I Doodle - Do you?'  I started this first picture and then decided half way through to have a go on a dark sky background created with Dylusions sprays.  I used blue markers and silver and blue glitter pens!!

This is the face I did for the 29 Faces in May challenge that I am taking part in:

Yesterday at Education Station we picked up this neat magnetic drawing board - the stylus pulls up the ball bearings and creates pictures.  It's good for practicing letters and for Sam holding the pencil:  

Friday fill ins we go!

1. When we go to Education Station I always get carried away but it's sooo much FUN!
2. My head is too big for most hats.
3. It'll be good to have Susannah home on Monday.
4. Japan in the Spring is a place I always wanted to visit, but haven't yet.
5. When I'm sad I make art; when I'm happy I make art.
6. The neighbours are just one thing I love about my community.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to Katies Crossing with Abby, Sam, Ki and Kaleigh, tomorrow my plans include Going to Ki's place to help her with her yard sale and keep her company, going to the farmers market near Whyte Ave and going to the funfair at Millwoods Towne Centreand Sunday, I want to have a relaxed day at home and possibly take Rosie to the off leash area! Monday is also a holiday and my plans are: Absolutely no clue yet, but if the weather is good we may go camping Sunday night and so may well wake up somewhere else on Monday morning - or just camp here at home maybe now the fire ban has been lifted a bit!

Our Friday...

Morning light through my bedroom window:

A visit to the library to get books and return dvd's.  Abigail found the book she wanted to read as recommended by her online homeschool friend Abby:

Today was chilly and although it was sunny most of the time, rain clouds kept threatening:

My Instagram friend Marie said this picture looks like Heaven:

We went to Katies Crossing with my friend Ki and her Daughter and had supper there
 (and ice creams lol):

As usual, a train went by while we were eating - in fact TWO did:

We stopped to take pictures on the way home:

We bought caterpillars at Education Station today.  They posted on Facebook that they had three kits left, so we popped in to grab one.  We have done the butterfly raising kits several times in the past, but the children really enjoy it, and learn something new each time: 

The caterpillars have to be cleaned out each day - the webbing and the poop has to be removed with a paint brush:

Abigail decided she wants to learn cursive hand writing - so we got her a book to help her learn and tonight we sat on the bed and went through several pages until she could do many of the letters and write her name:

I bought this kit for them to have a go with - and a Geology book for Sam's grade as he is obsessed with rocks and stones.  This morning we sat and watched the dvd we were given free at the Gemstone and Mineral show last week.  Sam enjoyed it so much that he sat and watched it again tonight while we worked on the handwriting:

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