Nov. 13, 2012

Tuesday :)

Woke up and went downstairs to let Rosie out and make my coffee - and found the backyard filled with birds - they had FINALLY found my bird feeders :)  I was soooo happy :)  Yay :)  I checked the front feeder too on the front porch and there too there were several birds :)  

I love how my glass jars look in the new kitchen:

Sam and Abby have been growing crystal trees and are thrilled with them...they grew sooo big over night and are so pretty :)  

Rosie has settled in really fast at the new house and seems to like it - she watches out of the front window - she is easily pleased though and as long as we are with her she is happy - such a good dog. she really is such a sweetheart. 

This morning was sooooo funny!  I dropped Abby and Sam at gymnastics with C and headed to my Doctors appt with Susannah.  Halfway there we see a car pulled over in the fast lane on the other side of the median.  The hazards were on and the driver was stood beside the car flagging me down.  we slowed down and drove up beside them and then Susannah said 'isn't that T???' and then said 'Oh my gawd - isn't that T with your coffee?????'  Hahahahahaha it WAS!!!!  It was T and she was flagging me down to give me a thermos of coffee hahahahaha  omg I love my mad and crazy friends sooooo much :)  

She knew I am not a morning person and would need my coffee :)  Love you T!!  :)  

My Doctors appt went ok - Ive been referred for more tests and bloodwork blah blah blah...and if that doesn't help then I have to go see a neurologist.  Fun fun fun....

After the Docs we ran and got more washer fluid because it was above freezing and VERY sloppy on the roads today as the snow and ice was melting....

Then we headed to Salto to meet up with everyone and get Abby and Sam from the drop-in...thank you C for watching them xxx

Then we headed to the library for an hour or so.....

Home for a while and I unpacked a few more boxes, Sam watched a war dvd that he got at the library...yesterday he watched 'The Battle of Britain' and today he watched 'We Were Soldiers'.  He also has 'The Memphis Belle' to watch - a movie about a B17 like the one we went in during the Summer :)  In fact THAT plane was used in that movie :)

Tonight Sam and Abby went to their Dads house for the evening.  Susannah and I went to the mall to get a few things - Melatonin and Advil etc....and we also went to the new Davids Tea store that Laurence has been raving about....we each got a tea to try.  Then we came home and found Laurence was home from work early.  And that was our Tuesday....

Now I plan to relax with my book before bed :)  

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