May 11, 2012

Edmonton Gem and Mineral Show

As many of you probably know, we are big fans of gemstones, rocks, crystals etc etc - the children LOVE them and LOVE to go gem mining.  Both Abigail and Sam have big collections of gemstones that they keep in special 'treasure boxes' and they love to add to them.  They also love fossils and bones and shark teeth etc etc - the gem gallery at the museum is a favourite exhibit of ours.

Sam has even learned a TON about rocks and stones from playing Minecraft!  He was surprising one of the dealers today with his knowledge!!

Today I took them to the Edmonton Gem and Mineral show - and Im sooooo glad that I did!  It was wonderful!  Sooo friendly!!  Before we were even in the door, a man in line gave Sam one of his gemstones to keep and asked him what kind of stones he liked best!

Several dealers gave them free gemstones to keep - and we were given a free dvd to do with rocks as they were among the first fifty children to go!!

They got to try real gold panning, and we learned all about how it is possible to gold pan in Alberta and BC still today and make quite a bit of money!  We bought a beginners set and plan to take it with us on our road trip this summer!!

They got to break two geodes each and then place them under ultra violet light to see what colour the crystals inside glow - some were blue and some were green!!  Very cool!

They got chat away with all the gemstone dealers about stones they have - and ask questions about them and all the ones at the show!  There were fossils and petrified wood and all kinds of treasures to see!  Susannah bought herself a ring made from Russian Jade!!  I bought myself some gemstones for healing.

When we got home, Abigail and I sat on the bed and looked online for our gemstones - identifying them all again and studying their healing and health benefits!!  

All in all I am so glad we went!!!

29 faces in May....

More faces for the 29 Faces in May challenge I am taking part in.

Friday Fill ins... we go!

1. What a beautiful day - filled with such nice, kind, generous people and my happy healthy children!
2. Life is good right?
3. It's no surprise that Sam loved the gemstone show - I wonder if he will become a geologist or paleontologist when he is older - he does so love rocks and stones and digging.
4. Finding the right gemstones for my healing wasn't easy, but in the end I think I chose perfectly.
5. I like to try new art techniques and products.
6. Nickelbacks 'Lullaby' is one of my most favorite songs! Yet so many people don't like them.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to some alone time for the first time in a VERY long time, a bath, some art time and a movie, tomorrow my plans include getting my hair cut and checking out the new Roots Community Building on Whyte and Sunday, I want to spend the day doing something fun with 2 of my kids and then in the evening taking 4 of them out for ice cream when the youngest get back from their Dads!
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