Apr. 12, 2013

An afternoon of art at the Muttart Conservatory...

Bowling...and skype dates :)

Yesterday was an early start as we had bowling class in the morning.  The kids always have a fun time and support each other/ encourage each other which is always so lovely to see - love seeing the mix of ages and abilities :)  

Abby has also been having some online skype dates with friends - friends from here that she sees during the week, and long distance skype friends.  She even had a skype sleepover on Sunday where her friend in the US as online at home and Abby was online here and they chatted until they both fell asleep :)  

A week at our place....

I haven't felt like blogging this week....the weather has been horrible - cold and blegh and not very spring-like at all.  We are expecting yet another big snow storm this weekend which is so unfair.  I am tired of wearing boots and coats and scarves...I want to slip on sandals and wear cropped pants.  I want to be outside and I want to feel the sunshine on my skin.

It is so wet outside and Rosie is constantly coming inside with muddy paws...she's probably wishing she wasn't given her spring hair cut quite yet!

Still, the sunrises in the morning when I take Susannah to the bus stop are beautiful....

There are huge icicles every day for Sam to play with - he loves them:

Rosie seeks out the sunlight to sleep in:

I took Sam and Susannah to Whyte Ave last weekend.  To the farmers market, Fuss Cupcakes and to Chapters:

This week Abigail wrote three letters.  She wrote to her penpal, she wrote to the head office for American Girl, and she wrote to the Head office at West Edmonton Mall :)

Sam took apart an old dvd player and was fascinated with all the bits inside:

I read a book about the history of Canmore:

Sam sat and had many serious and interesting discussions with me about such things as the difference between TNT and dynamite lol:

He worked on a picture of Jack and Annie and the Magic Treehouse form the book series we are currently reading together:

Last week we collected their gift certificates for free pizzas - they earned these for reading six books each during Spring break!!

Sam built a fort one night and ate his supper under there:  

Susie and I found these scents in Stupidstore and spent a while trying them all out :)  

Abigail typing out her business letters this week:

Sam made a hama bead dinosaur:

Taking apart the dvd player:

Friday Fill-ins

And...here we go! 

1. Right now I'm drinking coffee and deciding which Service Canada office to go.

2. That I suck my thumb is my well known quirk.

3. Are you as ready for Summer as I am?

4. Drink coffee first, then wake up and shower!

5. That's why I have no motivation to do anything - the crappy weather.

6. Graham Norton is one of my favorite tv shows ever!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going out for dinner and a movie, tomorrow my plans include going to the Enjoy Centre and the Make It show and Sunday, I want to make the most of my alone time - maybe meet up with a friend and go for brunch or something!
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