Jun. 28, 2012

Pirates :)

Today we were invited to Miss R's 9th birthday party - a pirate theme!  Her Mom Miss B is amazing at throwing parties with themes - the invitation arrived last week - a message in a bottle, complete with sand and shells!  The yard was all decorated and even had a ship - there was a treasure hunt (following a treasure map) and peg leg races!!  The ship had a JollyRoger flag:

My two said it was probably the best party they have ever been to :) 

Throwing water filled balloons as cannons from the ship was their favourite part :)  

I have tons more pictures to go through but we are camping tonight and I have had a migraine all evening from sitting in the sun too long, so haven't been able to do too many!!  

Such a fun birthday - thank you Miss R for inviting us - and Miss B for all the fun!!


A day filled with art!! Bliss

Today was an 'artsy fartsy' day :)  I started with some art journaling but was soon interrupted by Sam who reminded me that I had promised to create a canvas for him!  He wanted me to paint a canvas of him and I holding hands!!  So he went to fetch me a canvas and I got started!  

Here it is half way through:

And with more added.  Tomorrow I will add a little more detail and some doodling to it:

I finally got to finish my art journaling page while I was at the library tonight!!

Sam took out a book on how to draw dragons - he started working on it while still at the library, and when we got home he continued to sit quietly and work on his drawings - he was still sat there at 11:30pm!!!  We can have a late start tomorrow and he was so 'in to' his drawing that I didn't want to disturb him.  This is his FIRST dragon:

He sat and spent the whole evening carefully working through the stages in the book:

I worked on my business Facebook page, contacted several clients/ students regarding their questions or registration for classes, and I played a few rounds of 'Tell Tale' with Sam!!
Abigail sewed a gift for someone from an idea she found online.  It is really lovely - so proud of her!  
Susannah had an exam this morning, so we did have to head out to pick her up - but the rest of the day was pretty much spent doing art.

Tonight Susannah had orientation for her Summer volunteering job at the library.  While she was in her meeting, we sat in the library.  I did some art journaling and read the paper - Sam was on the computers for a while and then drawing dragons at the table with me, and Abigail was pottering about asking the staff questions, looking books up on the computer and gathering a HUGE pile of books to take home.
She leaves for camp on Sunday and won't have time to read many before then - so I limited her to just three books.  Oh wow she found it soooo difficult to choose - so I suggested she write the name and author of the books she wanted next time on her ipod.  She did this and it proved quite a useful lesson - because one of the books didn't have an author!!  :)  It was based on a  movie and so they didn't include an authors name - not even the name of the screenplay writer!!  

Sam on the computers:

Susannah starts volunteering on Saturday and will also be busy volunteering on Sunday!  I am so proud of her.  She gets quite nervous still about doing things on her own, and so I have really encouraged her to do more volunteering away from school - so that she builds confidence in herself and around people of all ages/ abilities and backgrounds.  She was nervous but she signed up to volunteer all Summer and she has been dealing with phone calls and Emails regarding this.  She is now really excited to be doing this - she was thrilled to be given her Canada Day work shirt and told that they will be driving round to give all the volunteers free lunch from McDonalds.  She was also told that she will be given free movie passes for volunteering all Summer - bonus!!  :)  

Today I also played about with my colour splash app:

And that was my day :)

I hope yours was awesome :)  


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