Apr. 28, 2012

Art...good for my soul.

I used the pastels to create two miniature (2 x 4 ) canvases.  
I love these tiny canvases and they were so fun to work with and 
perfect as little reminders from my Truthteller.  I haven't made any truth cards for
so long, but felt the need to do some work on Soul Restoration again...I've been going through my
Life Book and adding more to my journaling this week as well - I have really felt 
the need to nurture my soul.  

Sam worked in his art journal too.  He tried the pastels for the first time, and did a picture of a house beside a campfire, and then he started a portrait.  

I feel soooo much better tonight after a day of creating and a day of art...and soul searching.  
Sometimes life just gets so busy that I don't have time to be really quiet and listen to my Truthteller.  

I needed today.

Art journal page - in stages...

Inspired by the amazing Effy Wild


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