May 14, 2012

What a glorious weekend :)

This was a three day weekend for us - as there was no school on Friday.  It started with our trip to see Peter Pan on Thursday night - and Susannah having her friend to sleep over - and then on Friday our lovely afternoon out to the Gem show.  (The children are STILL studying their gemstones and their meanings!!)

Friday evening the two littles went to their Dads house, and Susannah went to Cassies house for a sleepover - and her first house party experience!!!  

I had the house to MYSELF for the first time in a VERY long time!!  Laurence was working too!  He stayed over at the twins.

I had a lovely evening of art, relaxing and enjoying the quiet!  It was a little odd having the house to myself, but I think it is good for me every now and then!  I thought of asking M out for a drink, but we have plans for Thursday so I decided to stay home!  

On Saturday I picked Susannah up from her friends house and we headed to North Edmonton for my hair appointment.  Amber was away on a course, so I had Treena cut my hair - she seemed really nice though and did a GREAT job!  

After The Mane Door, we headed (the long way lol) to Whyte Avenue.  We parked and strolled along in the sunshine - had a look around Chapters and walked up to the new Roots Building that opened on Saturday.  We had lunch together at the Artison-Resto Cafe which e really love - fabulous (but funny) service, and amazing food!!

After Whyte Ave we popped to Treasured Memories to get my Mothers Day gift from the children - Dylusion Spray inks and stencils :)  Bliss!!

Then we drove in to Sherwood Park to get sandals for Summer as I needed new ones and Susannah didn't have ANY!!  

It was hot out and so after shoe shopping we stopped off at DQ for ice cream/ milkshake!!

We went home and Susannah had a nap as she had had a VERY late night at her friends.  I relaxed with my magazine.  Then we headed in to pick Laurence up from work at 10.

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