Jan. 1, 2013

End of the month tag - December 2012

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?    Overcoming Dyslexia, (So good I used my Chapters points to buy it last week)  a Christmas themed magazine - don't remember which - and LOTS of Christmas themed childrens books to Sam :)  
What movies, television shows, plays, etc. did I watch this month?  Tons of Christmas movies, we went to see a play called 'An Edmonton Christmas'.  Adventure Time and Good Luck Charlie on tv....oh and Duck Dynasty - all of which are terrible but there was nothing else on.
What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends?  So, so much!  Christmas, parties, sledding, coffee/ playdates, visits to The Prairie Gardens, festivals, celebrations..it was a really fun month!!
What gifts did I give and/ or receive?   I received gifts of every kind this month - and I don't mean just in the material form.  I felt very blessed and loved.  My friends and family were so incredibly kind and thoughtful and generous.   
What illnesses or health concerns did I have?  I had a four day migraine at the beginning of December that left me feeling weak and fragile.  I have been having problems with swallowing when eating - that I need to make an appointment with my Doctor for. 
What were my accomplishments this month?  I survived Christmas without three of my children.  I survived two weeks without seeing Sam (ten days without Abigail).  I created endless new memories for the children over the month - we did so much together and made the most of every day.  I went sledding - even though it hurt - and had a great time!!
Anything else noteworthy to include?  I am glad 2012 is over now - although I am grateful for all the lessons I was given last year as they have made me who I am today - and I really like who I am today.  I am hoping 2013 is more gentle on us all.  I don't like seeing my children go through what they went through in 2012.

New Years Day.....2013

The teens went to sleep VERY late - I told them at 3am it was time for sleep - but at 4am some of them were hungry and went back downstairs for something to eat - which was fine - it didn't wake me up.  It did mean that today was a VERY lazy day - they didn't wake up until after noon.  Abigail and I were up though - I let Rosie out and made a coffee.  When the teens were up Abigail made cinnamon twists for everyone.  Then around 2pm we headed out to take them all home - and Rosie came with us - so on the way home we stopped at the dog park for a nice walk and for some fresh air.

Someone had changed the letters on the sign there and it was quite funny:

Oh and this morning Abigail came in to my room like this and holding a sword - she said she was a 'stylish assassin' :)  

I added some more to my current doodle this morning.  I'm really enjoying how relaxing it is:

Pet Pics....

Lily is settling in well -  little too well!!  
Last night she was knocking ornaments off of the tree and then playing soccer with them!!!

Today she curled up in Abigails underwear drawer:

Rosie curled up beside me on the bed - she gets so jealous of my laptop so I have to give her equal attention lol:

Fun with sparklers :)

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to you all - I hope you had a fun New Years Eve!!  I wish you all the best for 2013 - may it bring you much happiness :)  

My New Years Eve was very different to the one I had planned, but was a lot of fun. With Abigail home I wasn't able to go to the party at Overtime that I had a ticket for - but I was just happy that Abigail was happy again.  I don't like hearing her crying and sad like she did on the phone on Saturday.  She is home again and is her happy self again :)  

We got some supplies in for Susannah and her friends, they went to the festival and then took their time  walking home and stopping in at Timmys for hot chocolates on the way.  Sounds like they had a really good time.  When they got home they watched the ball drop in New York and then headed out to go skating - they stayed there until just before midnight.  Abby went for a little while but came home earlier as she was tired.  We saw the New Year in all together, had sparklers, they had some alcohol free sparkling wine...and we finished the night with several games of Spot It :)  

Abby and I went on to bed around 1am or so....I think the teens stayed up for a while after - I told them to go to sleep at 3am :)  I think they had a good night as there was lots of chatter and laughter :)  

Abigail and I played a game similar to scrabble, and then she made long words with the letters:

A light on the bridge where we stood to watch the fireworks:

Snow carving at the 'safari themed' New Year Festival:

The lights in Tim Hortons through the funny 3d glasses we were given to watch the fireworks with - I didn't think the glasses would be good for the fireworks, but WOW they made them soooo cool - it really looked like they were going to hit you and it was like having fireworks in a kaleidoscope!!  

The trapeze artist was giving out glow bracelets upside down :)

Giraffe ice sculpture on the 'winter walk':

Glow painting:

Cheers - and here is to 2013:

Fire juggling at the festival:

Abigails party blower was funny as when she blew it, it would stick down instead of out:

Glow painting:

One of the lovely chimneas/ fire pits at the festival along the walk:

There was a display of sleds and sled dogs and the children got to pet all the huskies and ask questions - this was Abigails favourite thing so we stayed for a while and she spent time with each dog:

I worked ona  doodle throughout the day when I had time:

The kids roasted marhsmallows on the fire after skating:

Abigail through the funny glasses:

All in all a great day - the kids had a blast and were happy, and that was the main thing.  My plans changed but I made the best of it - and had fun hanging out with Abigail :)  

Snapshots from our Sunday...

Hanging out at home...the kids went ice skating again...we went shopping to get supplies for New Year...and then drove Cassie home before coming home and watching 'The Blind Side' (such a good movie)  It was lovely having Abby home :)  

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