Jan. 21, 2013

Blue Monday...

So, today is called Blue Monday - and is said to be the most depressing day of the year (although it seems that was proclaimed by a pseudopsych for the benefit of a travel company)

My day so far isn't going too badly :)

I was up early and drove Susannah to the bus stop.  It had snowed all night and has continued to snow. Thankfully the roads were fine though.

When I got home I sat with sammy for a bit and then decided it was chilly so I lit the fire:

Sam loved curling up with his blanket by the fire watching cartoons:

As did Rosie:

I cleaned the bathroom, showered, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen and got things out of the freezer for tonights supper (making shepherds pie).  Now I am off to wash the floors and then Abby has French class - Laurence had an exam this morning and will be home shortly - not sure what we will do while Abigail is at French...then tonight after supper, we will be watching the last of the Greys Anatomy episodes.....it's been so good - sad it's over.  Roll on September!  lol :)  

I hope your Monday isn't too blue!!  :)  

On the way home yesterday we stopped in at Crossiron Mills Mall near Calgary.  We went to the music store to look at the guitars.  Susannah fell in love with one and it was on sale :)  So she FINALLY got her Christmas gift that she waited for patiently until she found one she loved!  She has played acoustic guitar for a long time and plays really well - and she wanted an electric acoustic!  She picked a solid wood guitar and we learned all about the importance of using a humidifier in the case with it when it isn't in use.  We got a discount on a hard case for it too.  

One VERY happy girl :)  


After checking out and packing the car, we headed to breakfast at the hotel....the breakfast buffet is included with the room and was amazing!  I was so impressed!  And it's always lovely eating with a mountain view :)  

Then we decided to leave Canmore and head towards Bragg Creek to have a walk by the Elbow River

Bye bye Canmore.  See you soon:

The falls were very beautiful in the snow - some parts were frozen:

When we drove back through Bragg Creek, we saw several deer in a small roadway and in someones front yard.  We stopped to take pictures - and they didn't seem to mind at all - until Susannah reached out of her window to try and touch one lol - it backed away FAST :)  

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