Aug. 11, 2012

My picture of the day :)

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of this cute little girl at Cariwest today -she just looked so photogenic.  I really love how this edit came out :)

Cariwest Festival 2012

Unfortunately, we didn't make the Cariwest parade today as the timing didn't fit in with the horse racing we wanted to do.  We have been to the parade before but the children don't remember it, so I really did want to go - maybe next year!  

After our afternoon of horse races though, we headed down to the city centre to see what was happening in Churchill Square.  We all had food from the Caribbean vendors - I had the most amazing and HUGE roti filled with curried potato.  It was sooooo GOOD :)  I was hoping more people would still be in their Carnival costumes, but no - I did snap a few pictures but it was a little crowded to get many good ones.  We enjoyed the food, music - and playing at the city hall pool/ fountains before heading home:

A day at the races :)

Today we headed to Northlands Race course in Edmonton, to join in with the fun at Streetfest.  This is a free day the Racetrack holds each year for families.  It encourages everyone to head down, watch some races and learn how it all works - including how to bet!  Even parking is free, which is unusual for Northlands :)  

We had a really great time - there were 8 races in all, with the biggest race having a prize of $50,000.

There was entertainment for the children, food, music - and food trucks that are going to appear on the tv show 'Eat Street' soon.  

As soon as we arrived, we spotted a juggler.  Abigail is really 'in' to juggling this year - so she has been practicing her skills a lot.  He overheard her say she can juggle, and he asked her to show him!  She did so well he was really impressed - so he asked her to join in his show with him!  She became hi 'right hand' and they juggled three balls between them!  

Then he dropped a ball and asked her to pick it up - she did and then he dropped another and asked again - and again and again - it was soooo funny with Abigail constantly picking up dropped balls :) 

He walked about the place in between races and kept coming up to Abby and asking her to join in with his tricks etc - which of course she LOVED :)  

To make the races fun, I let the children pick a horse for every race and said they would get $5 if their horse won - and then on the very last race I said they would get $5 if their horse placed!  The last race was the best one as Susannah and I picked the same horse but when we saw it we thought it had no chance as it was so much smaller than the others - but Susannah had studied the odds and really felt that our horse had a chance, so we stuck with it!  I had also told them that with the last race you would win if your horse placed. (ie came first OR second).  

Sam had the favourite, Abigail picked a horse she liked the look of.  It ended up being SUCH a close race - Abigails horse was doing really well but then fell back, and our horse was in 4th much of the way - and then suddenly we weren't sure where it was and THEN - it was a photo finish!!  Ours ended up being second!  We placed!!  

In all, EVERYONE won at least one race :)  Yay!  We were all so excited!  

As we were leaving, a lady came up and asked how we had faired - she said she had seen us as we arrived.  She was thrilled to hear that the kids ALL won some money :)  She had a good day too and won $170 from small bets :)  

Winners with their winnings :)  

Tag time.... :)

Do you like to read? Yes!!  I don't read as much as I used to, but I do love to read - to get lost in a really good book!  Or soak in the bath with a magazine!  
Do you like to write?  Yes!!  I write every day - I love to art journal, and almost always add writing of some kind to each page.  I am working on a YA novel write now too.
What do you like to do in Summer: I like being busy.  I LOVE camping and road trips.  I love planning days out and new places to visit - and generally creating as many wonderful memories for my children as possible.  My favourite thing is when, at the end of the day, my children are exhausted and happy and dirty from having been out having fun all day - and I throw them in the bath or shower and then watch them fall asleep :)
Do you like to eat chips?  occasionally I will crave a chip sandwich or my body will need salt and I will crave chips - but generally, no, I am not a fan of chips!!
What do you like to do in Winter:  Really enjoyed cross country skiing last year - and want to do more this year!  Walks and hikes on the warmer days.  Shovelling snow and throwing it up in the air for Rosie to chase after!  Taking photographs of the scenery.  Ice on Whyte and other festivals.
Do you like to drink coffee?  Yes :)  
What do you like to do in Spring:   splash in puddles, go on nature walks, eat outside on the deck and enjoy being outside before the arrival of the flies and mosquitoes ;)  Welcome back the birds and watch out for geese.  Go to the playgrounds again!  Celebrate Easter - including going to the Prairie Gardens.
What do you like to do in Fall:  Go to the Prairie Gardens festivals, carve pumpkins,decorate my home, sit in Starbucks with a pumpkin latte, go on nature walks and woodland walks, Wear boots and scarves.  Eat pumpkin pie.   Celebrate Gratefulness.  Take the kids Trick or Treating.
Do you like to go to the Bowling alley: It's ok.  The kids enjoy it, so I will go for them.  I can think of things I would rather do, but it can be fun.
Do you like to drink pop?  Lately I've been craving pepsi like crazy which is really unusual for me as I don't normally drink it!  
Do you like to go to  the movie theatre:   Sometimes.  It's fun if there is a movie I really want to see - and I love taking the kids as a surprise :)
Do you like to go out to dinner?  Yes - I love it - whether with the kids, a date or a friend....trying new foods, the atmosphere, the chance to sit and's just fun. relaxing, sociable....a good opportunity to really get to know people with no distractions :)
Do you like to go out for long walks?  VERY MUCH!!!  Whether at the dog park or a more serious hike in the mountains.  I love it.  Thankfully most of my kids love it too - and Susannah especially really likes to hike - we have a few major hikes that we are planning to do together :)  
Do you like to swim? Yes - so long as the water is not too cold, then I will happily stay in the pool for hours.  
Do you like to shop?   It depends.  I'm not big in to shopping but now and then I will be in the mood to hit the stores.  I actually prefer stores like Goodwill and Value Village.  Michaels is nice too to stroll around.  I have kids who love to shop though, so I will sometimes hang out at the mall with them :)  

My Friday night....

Watching old home movies - lots of giggling and happy memories!!
Soooo funny :)  I have crazy kids - love them so :)  

Cuddles with my mini-me :)

So tired tonight - good food and beer made me sleepy - lol - 
or was it just that I didn't sleep at all last night???

Spent time instagramming pics from today and chatting with other ig-ers.
I love the ig community!  

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