Mar. 24, 2013


Susannah and I had to head to Ikea for a few things yesterday - kind of crazy going there on a Saturday, but worth it.  

Afterwards we went to Ihop for brunch - it hasn't improved since it first opened - bloody useless place!  

After running a few errands we headed home, spent the evening relaxing, in the bath, crafts, reading and celebrating Earth Hour - as well as watching Meet the Fockers before heading to bed around midnight.....

Going to prison...

On Tuesday, I took Laurence and Susannah, and we toured the new remand centre in Edmonton.  They were having an open house before the inmates move in and it opens for real on April 6th.

Although I was left with very mixed feelings after touring the prison, I am so glad we took the opportunity to go.  I don't think Laurence was too keen to go really but afterwards I think he was very pleased he went and we all found it very interesting!  

It was nothing like I expected it to be.  I can't imagine being locked away and not able to see the sky or birds or nature for a year or more.....

As much as it is new, it is still very much  an 'institution and reminded me greatly of the old psychiatric hospital I used to work in.

This is not my picture - but one I found on instagram.  You weren't supposed to take pictures inside, but I'm glad some people did:  

Thursday fun with friends....

There was a big snow storm on Thursday, but it didn't stop us heading out to spend a fun afternoon at Kidz Quarterz with friends.  The place was empty because of the weather, so we made the most of having it almost to ourselves:

Snapshots from my week....

A quiet house all to myself on Friday night - bliss!  I sat by the fire and worked in my art journal on the classes I am taking...

Cat, dog and boy - my mornings :)  

Working in my 'Spirits of Joy' journal for my online class:

Snuggles - oh Sam sure does love Itty Bitty Kitty!

Making mini jars of rainbows:  

Decorating for Easter:

Coffee in bed in the morning - from my Truthteller mug:

Icicles - we had some amazing ones yesterday - such a shame Sam missed them!

Building forts with pillows and blankets on my bed:

The morning after the snow storm:

Trying on party hats with Susannah in the dollar store yesterday:

A belated birthday gift from my friend C on Friday:

Abby in her new apron that C made for her, for her birthday:

Rainbow jars:

Decorating for Spring:

The books we were all reading this week:  Mine was the John Green, Abby is reading Evermore, I was reading the pirate book to Sam, and Susannah was reading the new Clockwork Princess.

A lovely surprise on my doorstep on Wednesday from my good friend S.  scones, granola and magazines to celebrate the first day of Spring.  I have such amazing friends xx

Yummy beef in red wine:

My crazy cat sits like this to watch the fish:

Friday afternoon sitting in Second Cup:  

Earth Hour

Last night we took part in Earth Hour - we switched off as much electrical 'stuff' as possible - didn't use lights or televisions and unplugged anything not necessary and then between 8:30pm and 9:30pm we sat in the glow of the fire, with some candles burning, and we played cards :)  

For today....

Outside my skies and sunshine - still cold, but the sunshine will start to melt things later I'm sure - I love that sound - the drip, drip, drip of Springtime :)  
I am thinking...of all the things I want to do this week but I just don't have time to fit it all in.

I am thankful...for my children - I was looking at pictures of them all last night and thinking how amazing they all are - how they are growing into the most amazing adults and young people and I am so lucky and so incredibly proud of the people they are. I am so lucky to have them in my life. To have children who I LOVE to spend time with :) 
In the kitchen...Life has been so crazy busy lately that we haven't had many home-cooked meals apart from jacket potatoes and salad - and the Korean beef that I cooked on Monday - so hopefully we can soon get back to eating at home again!

I am wearing...pj bottoms and a t-shirt - it's Sunday morning and I'm feeling lazy :) Waiting for Susannah to wake up before we head out for our day....

I am creating...Truth cards with Corrine, pages in my SR2 journal, and pages for the online class I am taking - Spirits of Joy.  Oh and lots of little crafts, Easter decor and Spring Break memories for my children :)  

I am be busy this week.  I thought we had hardly any plans but it seems we have filled the week up with activities and field trips after all!  

I am wondering...what will be said next week when I go back to Dr Fisher.  

I am reading... 'Putting Makeup on Dead People' by Jen Violi  

I am hoping...the snow melts fast this week as I don't want Easter to be too snowy - I don't expect it all to be gone, but would like to sit out on the deck for brunch at some point next weekend! 

I am looking forward club night on Tuesday!  Getting together with my friends over supper to discuss this months book.  And choosing a book for next month :)

I am learning...that I don't like cliques, and I don't like women who are competitive or have an ulterior motive behind what they do.  

Around the house...decorating for Easter, science experiments here and there...and last night we took part in 'Earth Hour'.  

I am pondering...taking a couple of classes - I enjoyed the essay I worked on last week and also the prison got me thinking....and over a certain Meerkat and his question yesterday...

A favorite quote for today...Miserable people take misery every where they go. Happy people take happy everywhere they go. Who are you? Dont let misery fuck with your happy -
Marlon Wayans

One of my favorite things...having a real fire place - it has been lovely to see my children sitting by it this winter.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  playdates, homeschool bowling, field trip to the animal shelter, Science centre, book club meeting, Prairie Gardens, 

A peek into my in bed, taking Susannah to the Apple store for an issue with her phone.  Maybe Whyte Ave....but I guess we will just see what the day brings :)  

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