Jul. 9, 2012

Feelin' hot hot hot!!!

Temperature at around 6pm tonight on our way out of town:

Temperature STILL hot at 11:19pm last night as we left Edmonton 
after the Street Performers Festival:

Edmonton (yeg) Alberta.

Recent snapshots of downtown Edmonton in various light.  All taken with my iphone:

Picture heavy post!!!!

Getting ready to go out on Saturday...all purty in a skirt :)  

LOVE this licence plate!!!  Want it!!  Lol:

Mr and Mrs Crow are busy feeding their NOISY babies at our place:

This guy was wearing about 10 cowboy hats and several caps all at once - but was really mean looking and obviously thought it was NOT funny!!  We walked by and then Susannah burst out laughing!!  Sigh....oh the things you see on Whyte Ave :)

Art journaling page - this one is about having red hair and how it has changed my life:

These flowers were outside Second Cup on Sunday and were stunning!!  

My friend R taking pictures of her boys at the Medieval Festival:

Rosie is never far from my side:

Playing with color splash:

The most YUMMY cherries at the farmers market:

Yummy vegan chocolate cake, green onion cakes and iced coffee at cafe Mosaics on Whyte:

Art journaling as the sun sets:

Playing with photo apps:

Susannah on Whyte.  M suggested I look at houses near Mill Creek because I love Whyte so much - a good idea as they seem a little cheaper - anywhere near Garneau or Whyte is either ridiculously expensive or falling apart:

Tonight we barbecued again.  baby potatoes, peppers, asparagus, corn and burgers:  The veggies were all bbq'ed in Epicure seasonings which were really yummy:

Art journaling at the library this afternoon while Susannah worked:

Mornings in my bedroom:

Rosie isn't keen on the heat:

My teens looking soooo grown up :(  

Rosie in the shade while I drink my morning coffee on the porch before everyone wakes up.

And then this little guy joins me for his coffee and sits and chats about all kinds of things:

Miss Susannah in cafe Mosaics at the weekend:

Oh yes I do :)

Yummy Italian Soda.  This one is lime:

Battle commences against the English at the Medieval Festival:

Art journaling at the library:

I thought this was a decorated shopping cart, but Sharon told me it is a BICYCLE!!!!  
Wow!!  And the guy rides it like this AND he decorates it differently for each holiday/ season!!

These green onion cakes were very different to any others we have tried - but they were amazing - and so was the chili sauce that they came with!!!  Cafe Mosaics!!  Lovely relaxed atmosphere and music too :)

This girl of mine LOVES to cook and bake - and if she feels in the mood for some chocolate then she will just bake herself a cake :)  I love her confidence in the kitchen - she wants to cook and bake when she is older :)  

Susannah and Laurence LOVE these frozen hot chocolates but I just think YUCK!!

Un sunset puede ser lindo.  Si.  
Oh my, my Spanish is not improving very fast. I am trying though - and learning all the important words and phrases first lol :)  
Thank you Christie and Meerkat :)  

Jason sent me flowers lol!!

Hard to believe this is a GOLDEN retriever lol!  Thankfully she goes in to the pond and washes off regularly - but she sooooo LOVES digging in the mud.  It's so funny because she kicks the mud out of a hole but then ahs to turn and chase the mud she flings out - because of her retrieving genes lol so it takes her forever to dig a hole:

Give us a kiss:

Best friends:

Another iphone shot of those gorgeous flowers:

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