Apr. 1, 2012

Our Saturday!! Roller Derby!!

We woke up in the hotel and had the continental breakfast that was included.  
We asked for the late checkout (1pm) so we didn't have to rush)  Love that you can check out at 1pm free of charge)!!  
We went to the pool for a swim/ the hot tub and had the place to ourselves.  

After a while we headed back to out room and packed...then went home to check on Rosie.
Then headed to Whyte Ave for a few errands and to pick up the tickets for the Roller Derby.  They are $5 less each if you buy them there as opposed to at the door, and it's a nice excuse to go to Whyte Ave.

Home again for a few hours rest and a nap, before we headed over to the West End to watch the Roller derby.  Very exciting match and fun atmosphere.  Kids loved it.  Susannah is interesterd in joining a youth league now, so we might look in to that now.  It was a fun evening and I think we will definitely go again in a few weeks with Abby and Sam:  

Afterwards we dropped Laurence at his friends place and then we headed home and were soon fast asleep - and today we have slept the day away - which we must have needed!!  Wow!  

But it has been a fun Spring Break for all, that is for sure :) 

Just goes to show that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a LOT of fun with kids or all ages!   I feel really happy with my budgeting and the plans I made for our week off of school :)  
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